Week 11: Life often gets its challenges, but we use the law of substitution and change the way we think.

Hi all!

Thanks for following me, on this real long, real crazy journey. It is really interesting to read Haanel this week. Even though I had to look up a few things in the dictionary to understand all he say. It is clear in the end. To receive what we want, all we have to do, is be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy, and then believe that what we want is already given. Then we will receive it.

It is very easy, the law of Attraction work, it is stated similarly in the bible, stated by Jesus, it is unbelievable, but I put my faith in that it is correct, would someone writing a book like this state it without it being true? I do not think so.

Today, I have been challenged on some of the things Haanel states in the book, and it has been difficult to not state an opinion back, when people want to challenge you about your beliefs, it feels really hard not to argue with them. But would it help to argue with them? I am learning that arguing with people that do not know better, is no point. It only brings me down to their level.

So, I quickly stated what Haanel said, and got out of the discussion, and let the other people discuss among themselves. I know, that it is not possible to convince others of your point of view, before the time, they want to learn the facts themselves. So let them be.

It feels really funny, because in earlier days I would be in there, discussing until I got so mad, that I would run out, never come back, and go to call on my good old friend, the cigarette again. But, that do not happen, in fact, I just think, oh well, another bunch of people that do not want to open their eyes, unfortunately there are many of them, all around us. We have to learn what it states in Scroll 3. Persist, I persist with my knowledge, I persist with the wisdom, I persist in what I do, I am persistent. I do it now.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy, and I am persistent, I develop persistence every day, I am so happy to see where to go, and what to do for my life. If people do not want to come with me, I must let them go, leave them behind, my life have to move toward my DMP, toward my 1 lined DMP; I am a life-changing facilitator which earns US$500,000 a year.

This income, will create a charity which works for orphans around the world, as I have been a voluntary for SOS children cities and seen how their orphanages work, and the crowding in their camps. I wish to do something for them, I have plans, but they do not involve the current big charities as they sometimes take 70-80% of the money into bureaucracy, and I want 90-95% to charity and 5-10% to bureaucracy as a goal, hopefully the charity has to be equal to insurance companies here in Norway, where they only are allowed to have 4% of the collection going into bureaucracy, or at least it was like that when I worked in the insurance industry many years ago.

In my life, I have great days, and good days, I am feeling a bit like having some great days again soon. I am going on a trip on Thursday, hence an early blog this week.

Hope you all are good, and keep getting better.

Yours sincerely
John Eide

Published by johneide1967

I am 52 years old. Love the internet and love being challenged!

8 thoughts on “Week 11: Life often gets its challenges, but we use the law of substitution and change the way we think.

  1. Great post thank you for sharing your thoughts! Great noticing and progress about no longer arguing/debating with people! For me, I don’t want to use up the energy — I’d rather spend it creating a positive space in my mind. Great progress on that front. Great work on your one-sentence DMP! So exciting! And love the charity ideas- very inspiring!

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  2. Love your one-sentence DMP and your goal to help children, John! You have a warm heart and I believe in you, ‘cos you are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmounious and happy! And you persist! I am happy ot read how you are able to not argue with those who do not agree, who do not understand what you believe. We can only wish them well and wish that they some day will learn and understand the truth and all the possibilties that truth would give them. Keep up the good work, my friend! Thank you for all your support in our Norwegian Mastermind group! Love you! ♥

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  3. I appreciate the reminder “I am whole, perfect,strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.” I was just thinking I needed that refresher and there it was in your blog and repeated again by others who have commented on your blog. Well done for inspiring us all. Also love to hear our greatest teacher’s words. Whatsoever you ask, do so in my name and it will be given to you. Ask and you shall receive.

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  4. Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with not debating with people. I also believe that not everyone has to know what I am doing because when the conversation starts, people always want to debate and argue things and/or give a non expert opinion. This goes for the MKE and my career in the music industry. Well done John! Keep persisting in every aspect. Peace be the Journey.

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