Week 11: Life often gets its challenges, but we use the law of substitution and change the way we think.

Hi all!

Thanks for following me, on this real long, real crazy journey. It is really interesting to read Haanel this week. Even though I had to look up a few things in the dictionary to understand all he say. It is clear in the end. To receive what we want, all we have to do, is be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy, and then believe that what we want is already given. Then we will receive it.

It is very easy, the law of Attraction work, it is stated similarly in the bible, stated by Jesus, it is unbelievable, but I put my faith in that it is correct, would someone writing a book like this state it without it being true? I do not think so.

Today, I have been challenged on some of the things Haanel states in the book, and it has been difficult to not state an opinion back, when people want to challenge you about your beliefs, it feels really hard not to argue with them. But would it help to argue with them? I am learning that arguing with people that do not know better, is no point. It only brings me down to their level.

So, I quickly stated what Haanel said, and got out of the discussion, and let the other people discuss among themselves. I know, that it is not possible to convince others of your point of view, before the time, they want to learn the facts themselves. So let them be.

It feels really funny, because in earlier days I would be in there, discussing until I got so mad, that I would run out, never come back, and go to call on my good old friend, the cigarette again. But, that do not happen, in fact, I just think, oh well, another bunch of people that do not want to open their eyes, unfortunately there are many of them, all around us. We have to learn what it states in Scroll 3. Persist, I persist with my knowledge, I persist with the wisdom, I persist in what I do, I am persistent. I do it now.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy, and I am persistent, I develop persistence every day, I am so happy to see where to go, and what to do for my life. If people do not want to come with me, I must let them go, leave them behind, my life have to move toward my DMP, toward my 1 lined DMP; I am a life-changing facilitator which earns US$500,000 a year.

This income, will create a charity which works for orphans around the world, as I have been a voluntary for SOS children cities and seen how their orphanages work, and the crowding in their camps. I wish to do something for them, I have plans, but they do not involve the current big charities as they sometimes take 70-80% of the money into bureaucracy, and I want 90-95% to charity and 5-10% to bureaucracy as a goal, hopefully the charity has to be equal to insurance companies here in Norway, where they only are allowed to have 4% of the collection going into bureaucracy, or at least it was like that when I worked in the insurance industry many years ago.

In my life, I have great days, and good days, I am feeling a bit like having some great days again soon. I am going on a trip on Thursday, hence an early blog this week.

Hope you all are good, and keep getting better.

Yours sincerely
John Eide

Week 10: Master Key Experience, it is better now!

How are you doing? I am great, I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Do I need to say more?

Not really, I think.

What does you want to be, more than the above?

In my world, I want to recover from my current health situation, I think changing the way I think will alter it. It will make me well again. I am sure, all health, all substance and all love is absolute all created by the spiritual mind.

This means we all are wrong when we say that and that person did something.

It is the spiritual mind, what the people do, is connecting to the spiritual world.

That is not so much an achievement.

We need to learn how to think properly.

I think we are on our way in Master Key Experience, we march on, we march on, right now.

I am so happy to be in on this.

It has never been better in my life.

Next week I am travelling to Denmark with a big boat, it will be a short shopping trip, and than the world will celebrate Christmas. Well let us not take that away from them. Let them enjoy.

Have a great time till next week.

John Eide

Week 9: A Struggle; shows to be the way to kill the cement

Hi All my followers,

I am so happy to be a little late to start the blog this week. It is due in 7 hours, but I have been on the biggest roller coaster ride of my life the last week.

I could not for the life of me see any way to complete my DMP this week. I found I was stuck, I am starting to meditate on it, but it is not come much further, but I am seeing a light in the end of the tunnel. That is what the ride has been about.

In the beginning of the week, I was finishing off my 7 day Mental Diet, that is 7 days, never thinking about a negative thought for more than 7 seconds. I managed it, but on the 8th day, I crashed, and crashed so badly, I nearly did not PIF or complete the course.

I was thinking of trowing in the towl. Giving up completely. I did not want any more. I rather go back, watch telly with my wife to be, and not give a shit about anything in life. Quit quitting smoking, quit quitting alcohol, and just live life as a real jerk.

Luckily I have two good mates in my Mastermind group. Bibi and Nina, they motivated me, they kept me in the fight.

What I suddenly came to realize was that this dump I was in, was my old blueprint letting go. It felt like I was getting depressed. It felt like the world collapsed. And I think the old world did.

Here I stand, new, with fresh self confidence, if my wife loves me, she loves me, if she does not, I do not care. All I know is I love her, and she can choose to marry me on the 23th May 2020, if she still loves me. I simply do not know what is happening with her.

My life, is more important than what she thinks of me. The Guy in the Mirror, has told me, that finally at the end, I must be friend with myself. And That is what counts in the end.

What happens now?

I will start my blog in a few weeks. I will teach and offer coaching for people to break through their blueprint, I will teach people what to eat, I will provide information about what to eat, what to think, what to believe and what to do to get where you want to go.

This is my new life.

Coming with me guys?

Thank you, Bibi and Nina, for your support at the beginning of the week, and thanks to Mark and Davene for holding this course.

See you all, next week, will be wonderful, for us all. I know the people in the US are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, and though we do not know what that is, we are very thankful for the course, and the guidance from Mark and Davene.

Keep smiling, keep dreaming and you will get what you want.

John Eide

Week 8: Master Key Experience: A bit of a challenge, but it is all good!

Hello everybody. In writing moment, I am on my way home from a funeral. I travelled 10 hours by train to the funeral last night, and now, 1.5 hours into the trip on the way back home, I am sitting on the train writing this post.

How are you doing?

I am great, my uncle, is dead, but he was 90 years old, he was becoming terminally ill, and with huge pains soon to be getting worse, he could not be better off for living. In addition, I think he is better off where he is now. We do not live to suffer, we live to create good life, and when we have had a great life, and things are not so good any longer, is it not time for the body to be laid to rest, and soul to move on to where ever you believe it pass onto? I think there is a time for living, and a time where the time for dying also has arrived. My uncle, was at that crossroad right now, just like my dad was 7 years ago. The cancer had made the life so painful to continue, we cannot be so egoistic to think that it is sad they get to leave this earth for this time.

I believe in reincarnation and karma, and a God called Sugmad, he is all love and mercy, and to pass over is mercy, when otherwise life would be full of pain.d

It was however, wonderful to meet my family again after so many years, I have met some of them, but many, due to me living in Australia and New Zealand for 25 years, I have not seen for the last 30 years. It took us about 5 minutes, and we had caught up with all the happenings of the last 30 years of life, and we were talking like there had been no time lost at all.

I cannot start to tell how happy I am for spending the money to go to this funeral, it will mean so much to me, and hopefully for the family too. I feel like a family member again, I have not been there for over 35 years, since I was thrown out by my mum from my parents house.

I do not complain about it, I have forgiven them, and myself for the reactions I had to it, when it happened. We all did something bad, and I am no longer looking back at it. I am not ashamed to say, I did something wrong, and I can only learn from my mistakes, and hope that it will be mutual.

So what is going on with Master Key Experience, well, I have got my DMP changed to True Health and Helping Others, and I have to put in some feelings, that is me, I forget to write feelings into things, but I will adjust it this weekend, to contain feelings.

We are now on the 7 day mental diet, I have managed 4 days so far, I am so proud. I am feeling happy, I am feeling ecstatic. It is great, I am not stating any more opinions either, and I am just listening to what people say, and let it be. I am so happy for the progress.

Now we will soon be leaving Oslo, and I will be home again, and I will enjoy life, more and more, every day, every week, every month, every season and every year.

Go Guys and Girls, we can all do it.

I greet this day with love in my heart for all of you.

John Henning Eide

Week 7: Master Key Experience: We move up one step, and go into audio mode.

This week the webinar was about forgiveness and Scroll 2 talks all about love. In addition we are now moving onto a 7 day mental diet of no negative thoughts in addition we are not to state any opinions.

First, we will look at Scroll 2. It has helped me find the joy in my life. I have stopped complaining about the weather, I do not feel sad or mad at things any longer. I am cheerful and happy, and focus on the positive stuff, and see the positive things in all things. It has made me be able to get my shapes done, my movie board done, and my recording of the DMP done. The movie board I was negative too in the beginning, but I got it done in record time, and got my wife to help and do it with me, which made it a more fun exercise.

In the webinar, it was a focus on forgiveness. I was uncertain about this topic. I wondered about this subject, I have a very difficult situation in my family, and I cannot get my family to accept my apology, even if it is them that should ask for forgiveness. Luckily I got help from my guide, and from my mastermind group, and that helped me to understand that I can forgive them without them having to receive it, and without them accepting the apology. It has lighten my heart to do this exercise, I feel like a load is lifted off my shoulder, and out of my soul. I can feel the spirit being lifted by clearing up this, and I now feel released from loads of bad karma.

Then we are told to stop giving opinions, this was really hard last week. When my wife started stating her opinions very hard, I felt like my body was boiling, and I was feeling like my tongue was burning to state my opinion. However, I feel that it has created a much better partnership due to the fact that I let her state her opinions without starting to argue because my opinion is different than hers. I hear what she say, but not stating any opinion does not mean that I agree with her. This is what I am learning from this exercise. I do not have to change my opinions, no matter what others say, and from not stating my opinions others are happy to hear that I say that that is an interesting thought, instead of arguing with them about their opinion.

This week, we are to take a step up from no opinions, and go on a mental diet of no negative thoughts for 7 days. This has been a mind boggling time, I am now on second day, but it is not easy. I have SUGMAD (God), ECK ( The holy spirit) and Mahanta to help me change my thoughts to something positive as soon as I discover a negative thought. I now within seconds, turn a negative thought into a positive thought by singing HU either internally or loud out for myself. This is my spiritual prayer and it helps me develop positive emotions and positive thoughts immediately. So now, I can be changing thoughts nearly instantly from what I am thinking of, over to the positive feeling surrounding my SUGMAD, ECK and Mahanta. Yes, these are special words used by my spiritual movement, where we preach a special road of spiritual freedom, but though it is recorded as a religion, it is not really a religion in the way most religions are built up, because the main goal is to find your own spiritual road. In face, Eckankar has lots in common with Master Key System, and I find that the teachings of both are synchronized in many areas.

So in final conclusion, I can say that, this week has been a breakthrough for me. The comments from last week shows that the one that made comments had more knowledge than me, and that I am starting to be able to laugh, have fun and enjoy the work in this course. I made my movie board, I made my shape posts and placed them around the house, and I have finished the recording of the DMP on the mobile phone. I am surprised how easy it was, and how easy it has been to get it up on the wall and the audio on the mobile worked first time, how wonderful. I am so pleased, so happy, I start to think I can be a star after all. Thanks to all that are commenting, are helping me, and to Mark and Davene. This is fantastic, I will greet you all with love in my heart.

Till next week.
John Henning Eide

Week 6: Master Key Experience: Are we crazy? No, WE ARE NOT, we are chipping of our old cement.

This week has been a game changer in the Master Key Experience Course. It has taken us from written stuff to picture stuff. I have never been in favor of making things on picture boards, I do not like it, I do not feel creative, I like writing stuff, not picture stuff. But I will for the sake of the course try to create a dream board.

The week started very busy, I have not been able to get more than 3-4 hours sleep any night, going to bed at 3am and up at least at 7am, to do the readings, and all the other things I have to do. The reading takes me an hour every morning including the sitting still bit. That is tough, when you are to go out at 9am,

But I have got all the reading done, now, I am finally getting my blog post done, 12 hours late, but I am here, writing it. I am feeling very, very stressed out, as nothing happens as I have planned it. Wednesday I had to cancel being on the tribe call, and so I feel pretty alone is all this, it is crazy many things we are doing. Or, is it all a matter of me not being able to handle so many things to plan at a time. I am not sure, I just keep puddling along, and doing as they tell us to do, accepting that there must be a reasoning behind every step they tell us to do.

I hear the others stating they see linkages, shapes, colours, etc, but so far I do not seem to get these. I have a problem or is it just that I am missing something. I am not sure. I am not stating any opinions this week, but it makes me boil inside. I get very upset with people when they say things I do not agree with. But I have been told to bite my tongue. That is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, it literally boils inside, I am so heavily opinionated from previously being involved in politics and discussions about everything, I am now biting my tongue and just feel how my blood boils, and I feel like I am blushing for not saying anything.

Is it why we are to say no opinions, maybe? I do not see what this has to do with dreams, but again, there is a system to the madness, said Mark, so I just take his words for being the truth.

Now, I will finally get out and buy the board today, hope I can afford it. To put up pictures of what I have written I want to do. Pictures and words, I feel do the same to me, but, I am a member of the course, and I will do the assignments as requested.

I am hanging on, I do not feel I am getting anything yet, but I do not know, I have not done this course before, and he promised if I did it 100% I would get something from it. I am still in hopeful mode.

I hope to see linkages, shapes and colors coming together, but I have most likely a few more layers of cement to chip off before I get there. Right now, I just feel stressed, there is too much to read, too much to do, and life goes on as well on the side. So glad I do not have to work a job next to this course, I would not be able to cope with it all.

Till next week, enjoy the journey.

John Eide

Week 5: Master Key Experience, I am feeling like I am lost, but I think I am found

Hi All

I am excited and frustrated, I am great and I feel sick.

What is going on? This course takes us on some strange and wonderful travels.

This week I am not allowed to give opinions, well, what is an opinion and what is a statement of fact? I wonder, have I already made some statements of fact or some opinions? This is the worst thing to get your head around.

What is an opinion? It is something you think is right, I guess, or maybe something you believe is right, that not necessarily everyone think is right, because if everyone thinks it is right, then it is a fact, is it not? NO, it is not, that is totally wrong, so what is a fact and what is an opinion?

Bugger if I know how to define them! It makes me frustrated, and it makes me feel sick. BUT; not having to give any, that makes me excited and feeling great. I neither have to agree or disagree with other people’s opinions. That is wonderful, I can just focus on being alive.

Then it was something else that struck me this week, Master Key Book and my Religion, is fairly similiar. My religion is called Eckankar, and not many have heard of it, but it teaches nearly the same thing as I am learning in the Master Key Book. This is very interesting, since Eckankar was reestablished around 1970’s and the Master Key Book was written in 1912. I know that Eckankar’s texts was only reestablished around 1970’s and has been available for millions of years, but when the Master Key Book was written, it was not known to the world in general.

I find it very challenging to get all excited and emotional about things, but thinking back, my youth and teenage years were very emotional, and all my bad habits are put into my fundamental blueprint at that time. I have over the past few years established some new better routines, but I am also finding a star in my fiance’s eye now, when I have started doing the dishes every day, to help her do the chores of the house. It feels good to hear her say thank you too me.

So, what is actually happening?

I am waking up, I have been hammering out some cement, and I am altering some of my habits already. It feels good, and I am so happy I am in this course.

Have a great week, till next time.


Week 4 Master Key Experience

All transactions must benefit all involved in the transaction

This week we were asked to connect the Master Key reading with the Blueprint Builder, where both was talking about the fact that it is important that we only participate in transactions and actions that benefit all that are involved in it.

In other words, the teachings of this week are telling us that the ego must be left behind. We must focus on things that benefit everyone that are involved in an action. This is a very important part of the Blueprint, and not only must all benefit, but it must also be legal. Which means that we must keep within the laws.

I find that thinking back, I have often participated in things that I saw the benefit for myself, and did not look at whether it benefited others. I now accept that this is one of the reasons that it went bad. I see that the rule of the Universe is that the action we participate in, must benefit all involved.

It is hard to put aside your own benefit and think only of actions that benefit all, even though I think that the actions I participated in, was benefiting all that wanted to participated, I think that because I focused purely on my benefit, it was not in connection with the Universe, and therefore I failed miserably. This is a realization I find now, after I have completely stopped any business activity. If, and only if, I should participate in any new adventures, it will be on the basis that it is right for all participants and also for the Universe itself.

In other words, why would I join another business? It would be only because it is right for the Universe, not that it was right for me. This is a big consideration to find. Is it easy put away your own wants and needs? I do not think it is easy. I find it hard to put away my personal gain, and consider the Universe the main benefactor, but as we learn in this weeks reading, this is a must, we can have many thoughts that are selfish, but we must put those aside and seek the Universe if it is the right thing to do.

I am continuously trying to adapt to the new teaching, and I find it hard to get my mind around a lot of the readings, and the teaching, especially it is difficult to get through all the readings, webinars and meetings that are required, but it is easier this week, than last week, and it is much easier than it was only 2 or 3 weeks ago.

I enjoy the course, it is really a new view on life and on the meaning with life, and it is very challenging to accept all the new things one have to do every day. Why is that? It is because of the old blueprint, or cement, that has made me who I am today. Now, I am altering myself, and the old blueprint is telling me to back off, but I will not, I will not, back down, I will press on, challenge myself, and find a new, better way of living. I am already reading faster, and focusing better than I used to do, so I know that the course is worth it, and I know I am getting value from this course, more than any other course I have done.

I look forward to Sunday, when we get new lessons and new knowledge, I cannot wait, it is so exciting and I am just hoping that the time flies, so we get more knowledge, and we can see the improvements in ourselves.

Come on everyone, we are on the right track, we are the ones that are doing something with our lives to alter us into better people, I hope that you are doing better too, or I can help you gain some way, let me know, I have given you the way to connect with me, if you need to get some help, whether you are in the course or not.

See you all, until next week, live with passion, and remember: ¨I can be what I will to be¨. Have a great week everyone.

Week 3: The Master Key Experience is getting more normal

For 3 weeks now, I have been participating in this course, the first week was bad, the second week was crazy, and now, week 3, things are getting normal. Well, nearly, I feel the workload is acceptable. It is still a lot of things to do, but there are some improvements from the old Blueprint (the old habits).

I have finally got one positive remark on my DMP. Yippie, it is progressing. I know the writing of the DMP is very important, and it is good that the guides are very strict on giving us advice, but I do believe that there could be more education on how to write it. Otherwise, it can be the meaning that it is going to be difficult, and that we are meant to work on it a lot. That is a possibility that just hit my head right now, while I am sitting down to write this post.

Other parts of the course are easy, I find that the reading in the morning takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, including the 15 minutes period we are required to sit still. At that time I read my DMP, My Chore Card, My Blueprint Builder, my Master Key Experience (MKE) lesson and my Scroll, and after the Master Key Experience Lesson I sit still for 15 minutes.

The sitting still, not thinking of any thoughts and relaxing the muscles, are a great exercise, however, I find it hard, not only to control my thoughts for a few seconds, but also to relax my muscles for the entire time. It is like the muscles do not want to relax. I find it strange, but I am starting to feel like there is something getting upset on me for forcing the body to relax, I guess it is the old blueprint (the cement from the past) that is stopping me, or I should say, try to stop me, because I manage to relax again, as soon as I get to notice the muscles not relaxing, but it can take a few seconds before I realize it. But I always get back to relaxing, however, not thinking any thoughts are impossible for more then 1-2 seconds at the time, but we were warned about that in the previous lesson, so I take that with ease.

The MKE lesson, is teaching me things I have never heard of before, and it is really becoming interesting. To learn about the Sympathetic nerves and the other system, is totally new for me. Solar Plexus I thought was something completely different than a point behind the stomach. But, now I know better. It is very interesting to me to see the connection between my religion, ECKANKAR, and the MKE course. It makes me learn more in all regards.

The reading of the scroll from The Worlds Greatest Salesman, is becoming more powerful now, too. We removed the word ¨will¨from the text this week, and it has made a huge impact for me. It has become more direct, and demanding me to take the actions that are described in the Scroll.

All in all, a very productive week, and a week where I feel that things are settling in. The course is very interesting, and very much something I start to see how it can work to improve our old blueprint. I have already changed some habits, and I will be changing many more over the next 6 months, and so on for the rest of my life.

I look forward to next weeks lesson, and wonder what will happen, that means I am really happy to be progressing, but I still have a few struggles, but I am riding a wave of good feelings.

Till next week, have a great time, and let us all enjoy the ride.

Week 2: Master Key Experience:

The Journey Begins to Take Form

Hello all the people that reads my blog. I have calmed down from the first week, I have finally found a way to write my DMP as a story, as a story which contain all that I want to achieve, and it was 300 words. The best length was between 200-400 words, so 300 words must be perfect length, I think 🙂

All the rest is going fine. Reading takes a lot of time, but I have managed to kill the old blueprint when it has challenged me to not do it, and done it even if I sometimes have had to sit and read it at 2am in morning. I look forward to learning to speed read, as I read very slowly, since English is my second language, but I have lived 25 years in New Zealand and Australia, so I have been used to read English as a major language for long periods in my life.

I feel that I am settled in to the course well now, though I am still fighting the old blueprint at times. However, I think this is very normal, and something all people do when they start challenging old habits. I really enjoy the first scroll of Greatest Salesman in the world, it is becoming a truth I will not lay down, and I think it is creating a habit of doing some more reading, that will create a positive change in my life.

I know I am struggling with sitting still for 15 minutes every day, and think that others also will do that, but to control my mind and the thoughts that enters it, is rather impossible, but I try as best I can. Luckily the outline, prescribe that we will only manage it for a couple of seconds at a time.

It is also exciting to remember how powerful the subconscious mind is, it runs 2 parts of our life, the most important functions, like pumping blood, controlling out breathing, the other function is pretty dumb, but it is our memory of old memories, it remembers how we reacted last time we met a problem, and one of my big things to remember is to alter the way I react to becoming hurt, the old blueprint was to get angry and upset, often running away, but I have to alter that now, as I am a grown up, it is hard to keep running away, especially since I have found where and with who I want to spend the rest of my life, but the old blueprint still tell me to become angry when upset, however, I am telling the blueprint to stop, that this is wrong, and to get a new habit when I get upset, this is also from Scroll 1 from Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino, and it is really something that we must work hard to achieve in the beginning, while I hope and trust, that this will become easier as we build our power and self-confidence.

We are many on this journey, and I, among many, have faith that I finally have found a program that finally can alter my thinking and my mindset, which all previous systems I have tried has failed to do. I know already has learned why they fail.

This program focus on the cause, while the other systems focus on the effects, and therefore they tried to fight effects with effects, while we now, learn how to alter our causes, so that that will change our effects.

I know have moved from being confused and stressed, to feeling comfortable with the course work, and with the assignments, and I look forward to starting the rest of the journey.

You will hear more from me next week.

Till then, have a great week, and remember:

To fight your situation, you must alter your habits and your thinking to get some new results.

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