Week 24: MKMMA takes a break, until September

Hi all,

It is sadly true, the MKMMA is having a break, well, really it is starting over again in September 2020. It is strange to think that we have been doing this course now for 6 months. It is really strange, time has flown.

I must admit, there has been time, when I did not think this was it, and there has been times when I am more sure this is it, and now, it is Graduation Day on Sunday.

I do not want to let it be Sunday this week. It is the day we change over for summer time, can we take a whole day of moving over? So we do not do Sunday this week. Well, I guess not, the world has to come to a new beginning. I have to be able to do it on my own, I feel like a child, learning to walk again. Well, I think I manage, I think I will be able to utilize the material, I hope that some will stay in close touch. You can all reach me, I have my details in the bottom half of this post, but I also leave my blog for next year, I will be doing MKMMA again, I am set on it.

This has been the most fun I have had in my entire life. Does that say something? Is it me, or is it me? I know, I am an exciting fantastic happy, harmonious guy. I know, I laugh a lot. I smile even more. I am happy. I want to experience greatness, I know I will do it, is that too much? Am I being bad? I know now that all we have to do, all we have to train to do perfect, is to think. How easy can it be? How hard can it be? Well, it is not easy, it is that funny saying again: ¨It is simply, but it is not easy¨, why is everything so simple, and why did I not figure it out all by myself? Well, because I know, when the student is ready, the master appears. And that is what just happened.

I must say a big: ¨Big Thank YOU, to Mark and Davene¨, for putting all this together. I am so proud of you two. I will sell you anywhere, anytime, to anyone. It has been such an honor to be in this course. I know Mark and Davene say we did it all by ourselves, but it had to put together the right way. And, that, I did not do. Thankfully, I am so glad it was done. I have been doing classes as a lecturer, I know a bit about what it takes to run a class. Though I love it, I know it takes a lot of effort, and I want to thank Mark and Davene for taking the time out and doing that. It is the least we have to thank you for. It is not very likely you will have any live event in France this year, I think, due to C-19, but I am fired up about attending the material online instead, I think it will do just as much good, and I will hang around the course, until next year, and we all be fine by then to meet again.

It is great knowledge they have invested into us. It is something that I was surprised by. It was not at all how I expected it to be. That is just a great thing. I always find I expect thing to be a bit too serious and too educational, but I liked it, in fact, every Sunday I was itching to get on the webinar, even it was late in the evening. I did not mind, the time suited me fine. I am starting to feel the difference inside, and I know that to reach my goals I am just going to move forward, doing the tasks they set me.

In the beginning of the course, we did a 7 day Mental Diet. It had the most profound change in my life. I have always been a person that know I am right. Even when I am not right. It was such a wonderful feeling to let go of that part of me. I see know, why I ended up in so many arguments in my youth, and why I ended up at 20 year old all alone, and without even the few friends I used to have around. I am so much better know, I am even feeling the difference. I do not have to argue with anyone any longer. In fact, all I do, is ask them a question: ¨Interesting, why do you mean that?¨ and I leave them to tell me why they mean it, and how they like to argue for that point of view, and ask me do you agree, and I say¨I have to think about it, but it is an interesting point of view, tell me more, maybe you can make up my mind¨, half an hour later, I am still having them talk away. In old days, either me or the other person would fly from the table, in anger, now, it is just listen to what s/he say, it does not matter to listen to another person tell you what they mean. It is great, it kills time, it teaches me what kind of person they are. It shows me their IQ, lol, not meaning to be bad. I am joking. Of course, I have come to learn that people with other views than me, can in fact have a point or two in-between all that wrong logic of theirs. Again joke, joke, joke. But, that is how I would have been thinking before September 2019, and that is why I show you the line that is now joke, joke, joke. It really is true. This is the biggest change in me for the moment, and I know there is coming more. I am looking forward to it.

I had planned a 4 day silent retreat in the Sognefiord at Easter, but due to C-19, I am having to cancel it, what a petty. Well, there will be time to do it later. You see, before September 2019, John Eide, did not think like this, oh well, it will happen later, did not belong in my vocabulary, neither did I see what you mean. I am in fact, so much happier with my new life. I am so happy that I can relax, listen to someone in a conversation. Rather than having to become angry and upset every time there was an argument about something. It is a pleasure to have had to go thru the 7 Day Mental Diet and now we are going thru a Super 14 Day Mental Diet, it is so great for me, I learn so much from this little task.

I am looking forward to finding the plan fulfilled by 2023, I am expecting things to happen soon, as it says in Think and Grow Rich, I am waiting for the Telegram with the plan for how to achieve it, because I am not certain how it is possible, but the mind has set that thought in my head, and I am sure it will work out just great. I am so happy to finally making my life long dream finally become reality. I am now a Certified Master Life Coach, and I have started learning to use NLP and a little bit of Conversational Hypnosis, not that I will make people fall over and go into trance or anything like that. It is small things that can help people change themselves if they want to do it, and are struggling. It is not at all what I thought it was, but it is great. So now, I am a Life Coach and I am going to start making it known, I have been doing Coaching with my students before, but the actual title as Life Coach is brand new, but I am ready, I am excited, joyful, wonderful and happy that I am ready to fire on all cylinders for a new career. How wonderful is that? I cannot tell you in words. Just a scream of WOW will do for a small part of it. I will scream from the top of my lungs. WOW, WOW, WOW.

Hope you all are as excited and happy as I have been following this course to the end. Think, we did it, we are the champions, natures greatest miracle’s, we are fantastic. We, all of us, I never include only myself anymore, I want to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you are so wonderful people, I hope we will meet again somewhere some day, and it will all be good. If you want send me an email or add me to your list at Messenger or Skype, and we will talk some day soon. I have a video conferencing software, that gives you 1000’s of people to use free video conference and free calling, all around the world, totally for free. So if we should use that to contact each other get ahead and contact me, so that we can get in touch. I love having people to talk to, especially hero’s like you guys.

Here is my contact details:

John Henning Eide
My websites:

So you can contact me, if you want to, I leave my blog up, so it will be available, have a great summer, hopefully the virus will be finished soon. At least so we can have a little summer holiday before the winter comes back.

Thanks to you all,
John Eide

Week 23: MKMMA is near the end

Hi all,

This week the Digital Solution Webinar ended. It is sad to think that we have been following this webinar for 20 weeks and we have learned so much, and now it is ended. There is so much more I would have loved to learn, but it is the end.

Also the MKMMA course is near the end, 2 more weeks, I hope to become a guide to be in next year, to fulfill my dream to be partnered with Mark and Davene. I would love it. However, I am not sure I will know what to do yet. I look forward to the last 2 weeks of the webinar in MKMMA and I am so lucky as to be in this fantastic Mastermind, that will work to help us all achieve so much more.

Masterminding what is that? Masterminding are a group of people working together to achieve their DMP, my group is a group of 4 very motivated people, that have had a great use of the MKMMA course. We are all very happy for participating in the course, and I think I speak for all of us, when I tell you that we would love to have webinar all year round, not just half a year. But all good things also come to an end, and we have some material to still learn and to fish up. We have 4 more scrolls of Og Mandino to complete after the course, and Mark told us that there are 4 lost chapters in the Master Key system book too. I hope we find them and can utilize them for more learning and more reading.

I will continue in the Go90Grow course and that way I will be keeping in touch with Mark and Davene. It is a full on course, specialized for MLM business. I do one of those and therefore I feel it is very exciting to learn how Mark succeeded in one, since I am so far from succeeding in mine. I have been further ahead than I am now, before. However, when I went to go on, I got met with a lot of funny talk from my upline, so I will need to keep my system I learn from Mark for myself and for my group. Because my upline do not want to know anything but the stuff he has done for so many years, even though he has not added any people for many years as I know of.

MKMMA is near the end, I have learned so much, so many fantastic blogs I have read from the participants, I really wish to keep in touch with more people than just the 4 in my Mastermind, but it seem not too many more people wish to keep in touch, so it is up to them to grab a connection, anyway, it is great to be alive, it is great to learn the Law of Least Effort, Emmerson, Wattles, Rossau and Haagnel and Mandino. It is so fantastic a reading list, that you nearly cannot learn from anyone better.

Ok, everyone, keep in touch, if you like, send me an email and whether you like to meet to continue the studying or just to remain friends, it is up to you. Hope to hear from you all.

Have a great week, read the Law of Least Effort and hope to see you, at some place, either in France or Kauai at some time. I am afraid this summer trip will be cancelled. I know France at present has no entry, and it is illegal to walk on the streets without permission. It is a law that stops people from leaving their houses. So we will have to see what happens with the Corona virus thingy. Remember too, not to remain frightened of it, but to take it for what it is, and remain positive, and happy, healthy, in other words stay whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy all of you.

Bye for now,

P.S: You can all now move to my new blog at http://www.coacheide.com, which is a hosted blog like Davene said we need to be in the competition for next year.

Week 22a: MKMMA: The world is perfect, just incomplete

Hi all,

Is the headline triggering something in you this week? I think many people will not be able to agree with it. I understand that it is not common to see it this way, but I have looked into it, and I agree. The world is perfect. It is just a bit incomplete.

Why is the world perfect? It is because that means we are positive to what goes on in the world. If we do not think of the world as perfect, we will be focusing on something negative, and that will mean that our mind lose connection with the Universal Mind, and that again, leads to the fact that we are not able to be using the forces that the brain have.

We must see the world as perfect to be able to remain positive, or that is what our guide in MKMMA say. Is that easy? No, I do not think so, but the lesson last Sunday helped, because the problems we often blame on others, can be pointed at ourselves and all the other people in this world. You might say: ¨How¨?

I have an answer, it is because if you do see things as not perfect, you have a negative view of the world, and there is not problems with the world, there is a problem in each of us. Most people are not self-directed thinkers. That is why the world is incomplete. There is far too many of us not being the best we can be. The complete perfect world would only be reached by everyone being the best we can be, that is, not doing the best we can, but being the best we possibly can be.

How would we achieve that? We would need for all to find out what it meant to be the best they could be, we would have to give all an opportunity to also achieve it, well, in fact, all the excuses of not getting there, is self-inflicted. We blame all sort of things. Let see, have you ever blamed something for not doing better? I think most of us have blamed something or someone else at some time or another.

That is bad, blame, is the reason we do not take responsibility for our self, and our own life. It is not good to blame others when you are to blame. Blame other, being angry with someone, or telling yourself that you cannot be something because something happen, it is so common in our society that it is definitely the sickness number one. I doubt you will find any other sickness growing in our society. Whether you live here or there.

So, what can we do? We can start by becoming a self-directed thinker, start aligning ourselves with the Universal Mind, and take responsibility to become the best we can. We need to align ourselves with the Universal Mind to find what we really are going to do if we are to be the best we can be.

Therefore MKMMA recommends a 24 to 48 hour sit, which should be taking place in close vicinity to nature, forest, water or mountains. This will give us a powerful, quiet time, and will create a deeper alignment with the Universal Mind.

I look forward to be able to do this. You will all be able to come back here and read about what happened when I did it.

Until then, let us trust that the challenge is as it has been stated. I think so, for I have heard so many crazy statements that has proven true, that I believe the man that told me that this is so.

Have a great week, until next time

Week 22: MKMMA is moving into healing, by natural methods, is it possible? Of course, it is, read here and see how I did this back in 2002

Hi all,

This week we have read in Scroll 6, about people being weak, if they do not handle their own moods and emotions, and if they are strong they make their actions control their moods and emotions, then we also read Haanel, which states that the body can heal by thoughts. The thoughts are vibrations, the body is vibrations, and sickness comes from our thinking.

Haanel describe clearly that the problem of sicknesses and diseases comes from our subconscious mind thinking. This is partly because it is the stronger brain, but also because it often thinks thoughts which we are not aware of ourselves. Further Haanel describes that the subconscious mind is stronger and longer lasting then the conscious mind. In the explanation Haanel explains how we are effected by the conscious mind temporarily by laughing until we shake, by crying and even a rush of blood to our cheeks when we get embarrassed, so we can clearly see that the thoughts we have influence our body, this was a wake up call for me, yes, sure I have felt it, but I never really connected it with the mind thinking thoughts, I thought it was the emotions that controlled the body, but emotions are also thoughts, I guess, lol.

So, the mind can through thoughts control the body, and therefore sicknesses and diseases. Haanel further explains that the system that goes wrong most of the time is the system that is going to get rid of the stuff the body has used up, and it we are therefore not able to solve the sicknesses with the food we eat, this is interesting, because that means the sicknesses do not get healed by eating healthy or not. I am sure that eating healthy is not bad for us, but it is not helping in healing the sicknesses we have. This is also what they said at the Beijing Chinese Medical Centre, when I visited them. Chinese medicine can only prevent you from becoming sick by helping the body not get sick in the first place, hence why they supported the use of European medicine when a person already had become ill, to restore the body. Then one could use Chinese medicine to keep preventing the body from being sick again. In other words, Chinese medicine, and natural herbs and spices, can only prevent the body from being sick, this must be by not creating so much damaging waste that the body needs to get rid of.

In my friend group I have tried to tell people that it is healthy to eat supplements for the body to get the right combination of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates etc, etc, ect. But in Norway, we work against a strong government promotion that states that eating proper food is enough to remain healthy, still I do eat supergreens, and special supplements myself, because I do not trust our government promotion. I know that the food production are overwhelming the soil it is grown in and that they use a lot of chemicals in growing much of the production of corn and vegetables, so I like to get my food GMO free and grown naturally, but I cannot believe it, but my friends do not want to listen to me, and point back to the government promotion and say they believe the government more than me, I do not blame them, I am just a bit sad that they will not listen to this important advice, but of course, now I know the reason I get sad, is that I am caring for them and for their health, that was last weeks lesson in the course.

To get back to healing. I was tested and was told by my doctor in 2002 that I had Mononucleosis (popularly called ¨kissing sickness¨) and I was very worried about this, so I sat down Friday afternoon, found all the motivational material I have, songs, Tony Robbins speeches, and some other motivational material on healing. I sang and danced and listen to this motivational material all weekend, I had just started a new job, and I did not have sick leave pay yet, so I could not afford to go on sick leave. But I had been off work on Friday and was going to be off work on Monday to go to the hospital for seeing what they were going to do with me. On Thursday evening I got called and told I had tested positive for Mononucleosis and given the appointment at the hospital Monday noon. So after a weekend with lots of positive input, I stepped into the hospital on Monday. The minute I arrived they were to take tests of me to see how far it had progressed since Thursday, and then it happened, they tested me 3 times, and the face of the doctors became longer and longer for each test, it was really amusing to me, to see their faces. Then, after 3rd test, they came to me and said, there has happened a miracle, you are not sick, what have you done on the weekend. I told them, but of course, you know doctors, they did not think it could be the reason, just like Haanel stated, it is not on doctors curriculum yet to learn about thoughts and their power to heal someone, but even that time, I knew what had healed me, I knew it was all the positive motivational stuff that had made my thoughts and my mind so positive, so I am glad to read Haanel explain how and why these positive thoughts could have healed me. Now I can explain it to others.

I am totally convinced that Haanel are right. I am also very sure that it was the opposite thoughts, in other words negative thoughts, that led to my heart problems in 2017 and 2018, and therefore I can now believe that I can think my way through to a healthier life, where I use visualization to bring myself to total healing and to live a great life, for a long time.

So, for me, it just remains to say, think positive, visualize positivity and healthy body for yourself, visualize it until the subconscious mind change your current thoughts to this healthy picture, and go forward in life, in a healthy and positive way. We can, we will and we shall fight for our health. Great to meet you, hope to hear from you and have a great journey of life.

See you next week.

Week 21: Miracles are everywhere

Hi all,

This weeks webinar was all about the fact that we experience miracles everywhere around us every day. It was an interesting webinar, because we got to learn a lot of physics, which I did not understand much of, anyway. It is always interesting to see that there are some things out there that I do not understand yet. This is really a fun thing. I have experienced that before, especially one time when I was at the University of Auckland, and I was in a class called Statistical Mathematics theory. This was a class, I have to admit, I never managed to complete. It was my 3rd year at university, I was doing great in all my other papers, but this paper, just became impossible to pass.

The interesting thing was, that one of my fellow students, he did the paper for fun, just to do some calculations. He had a physics major, and had obviously learned the mathematics of our calculations before, while this material was totally new to me.

I do not know, but I am sure you have heard, that mathematics is only practice, practice, practice and practice, and eventually you will understand it. Well, I came to my end of understanding of mathematics in this class. So I think it is a miracle that this class mate could think of it as fun, but that just remind me of the fact that each and every person on earth is the greatest miracle in the world.

Miracles, what is a miracle? Do you think of miracles as in Christianity? I did before this course. I thought miracles was unexplainable events that occurred. However, I think the definition we use in this class is changed perception or something like that. In any case, we see miracles every day. It is not something strange or weird thing that happen without us understanding that it can happen. So it does not have to be Jesus raising someone from the dead. It can be much smaller events in life. For example that every minute we breath, without thinking about it, we breathe, our hearts beat, we are alive.

It is not a surprise to us that we live, but it is still a miracle. Another miracle is that I have done all the exercises that is required of us in this course for soon 5 months. Not stopped doing them, not stopped the course. I now only want one further miracle to take place, and that is for me to be able to go to France for the MKE live. I am praying for that to become a possibility.

I am waiting for a miracle to occur.

Have a great weekend everybody, and lets do the work and create the business that I am building in my world, as set out in my DMP.

PS.: I passed my exam as a Certified Life Coach on Monday, so I am now starting to set up my webpage to create a place for clients to come and meet me. I look forward to this, before this course, I would have been scared, no I am excited. Another miracle? I just ask.

Greetings all

Week 20: What do you need to achieve your dreams

We have learned that you need a burning desire, knowledge, a written action plan, a positive mental attitude and a mastermind alliance. Each of the parts are important. You cannot complete your dream without having all these parts. Let us look at each part separate and what they are.

A burning desire, this is a want to do something. One need a passion for what one want to do. Why? Because it might be simple, but nothing worth working towards will be easy. When you work towards something you want to do, for example like I want to become a successful Life Coach, it might be easy to get the qualification to become a Life Coach, it is much harder to be a successful coach. There is a lot of things, knowledge, one needs to know to be able to achieve results for the clients. Therefore one have to study things that might not seems so interesting along the way. In the process, there will always be some of the work that might not be as interesting to do, but one have to do it, and one have to build on the passion, or burning desire, for the goal to get through the challenging tasks also. When you have a burning desire for something, you will manage to work through all parts required to do it, no matter what.

Next is knowledge, this part is not listed in our course, but it is the backbone of creating a working action plan. Without knowledge of how to achieve what we want to achieve, we would not be able to create a working plan. In my search to be a coach, I have been lucky to find a very successful coach to help build my action plan. I have always had a problem with thinking about asking successful people what they did to achieve what they did, but it is not dangerous, they are often very helpful in telling you what action plan they used a long the way. This was a surprise to me, because I thought they would be very private about such things. Thankfully, I have learned in this course, that it does not hurt to ask questions. There is only a chance of a not so useful answer. This do not hurt me. In addition, we do have the law of giving and receiving. To receive, one must give, and this is a thing most successful people have learned a long time ago.

Next is written action plan, and this builds on the previous point. To create a written action point we need knowledge, the plan might include some points that one might not like so much as well, and as such, one need the burning desire to create and execute the written plan too. In getting in touch with a successful coach I have been given a clear written plan, and what is a written plan? Simply said, it is a plan that tells you step by step what you need to achieve a task, One starts with the end in mind, that means that one start with the achievement one has a burning desire in achieving, and then plan out backwards which things one have to achieve. That way, one can set up a task to do each day, each week, each month and each year. It depends on your goal. Often goals are broken down in short term goals, medium term goals, and long term goals. These are again broken down into weekly task, and then plan to use each day to achieve a part of each goal. Tony Robbins introduced a special word in this regard, chunking, which means that you create plans by creating a chunk of work, these chunks should then be executed one at the time. He said that this was a better way of planning than having just one and one task to do, so there are different forms of planning one can use. I advice you to read around and find the one that fits you.

We have already mentioned the next part of the needs to succeed. A positive mental attitude. I never thought that this was important. I never found anything about it in the books that I read, and I think many books do not explain the importance of this. It might be that it is assumed in many books. It is difficult to see why this is assumed, because it is often the first reason why people do not create any progress. It is hard to realize it too. Now that I know it is an essential part of creating success, I understand why it has been hard for me in the past to create success that I have wished for. For the law of attraction to work our mind has to have a harmonious environment, and this is something one can achieve only with a positive mental attitude. Luckily in MKMMA, I have been able to learn how to create this attitude, and to keep it, that is the normally the problem, not having a positive attitude, but having it, and not loosing it when things get boring or when things get hard. It is when you meet challenges you need to have a positive mental attitude, and I am so happy that this is such a focus in MKMMA. It is great to feel grateful every day, and be able to give random acts of kindness to people around you, and to totally strangers. I remember back to one of the early Scrolls of Og Mandino, that one shall say ¨I love you¨, when one meet a stranger. This totally alter the way my life is happening. It has been such a great change in my life.

Finally we are at the last of the 5 points I am going to say are required to succeed. It is mastermind alliance. This sounds mystical to me. What is a mastermind alliance. It is simply a group of people, 2 or more, that works together to achieve a task. One do not always need to work on the task together, but one should have a similar task to work on, so that one can support one another, and guide one another. If I work on one task and another member in the mastermind alliance work on another task, we should both be aware of the task each person is at, and know how it is to work on this task. It is important to have a mastermind alliance because it keeps one honest, one get support and we humans have it with being more honest when someone else will keep checking up on you. Therefore it is important to have a mastermind alliance. It is in fact so important that it is written that nobody succeed alone. Everyone need an alliance like this to work toward the goal, and succeed.

I have looked at the 5 important factors to achieve your dreams, remember that the dream must be turned into a goal, by setting a date for achievement, and then turned into tasks through a written plan, in addition you need to have a mastermind alliance, a positive mental attitude, knowledge of the task at hand, and a burning desire to achieve it. If all these parts are at hand, you will achieve your dream, GO FOR IT.

Have a great week.

Week 19: A second chance to be able to achieve my purpose in life

Hi all,

Today I want to tell you all about a personal story. In July 2017, I had been in the hospital in Bergen, Norway, for nearly 8 weeks, awaiting my open heart bypass operation. Finally the day came, it was Monday morning, that I was to have my operation. I went down into the operation room, on the way down, I am sure I got some medicine that made me sleep. I don’t remember much until 2 am Friday morning. Yes, I was drugged down for my operation for more than four and half day, all I remember is a special experience, as so called out-of-body-experience, seeing myself on the operation board, there were 2 visitors, and I saw myself from underneath the roof, and there was a very sharp pink light in the whole room.

What happened was that at midday on that Wednesday when I saw myself from the underneath the roof, looking down on myself and the 2 visitors, was that they had been let in to grieve over me, as I had been declared dead a half hour earlier. My soul had left the body, and that is most likely to avoid pain, as in my faith we believe that the soul can do this, soul and body are separate entities. The 2 visitors are familiar too me, and I have asked them afterwards if they truly were there, they have both confirmed that they were there at 12 noon until 12.10. What happened was that they noticed that I moved, and called the doctors. Then I was raised from the dead, and given life support to start breathing again, and the doctors tell me that I had no signs of living since 11.30 am, in other words I seemed to be dead for about 40 minutes at the operation room. The doctors had put me aside as a failed heart operation.

After that I do not remember anything until I recovered myself, and waked up at 2am Friday morning. At this time, the doctors had managed to plumb my heart and the entrances of my blood vessels. In other words, when they tried first time, there was a tiny challenge. The bypass veins had not been able to completely connect with the heart, and the blood was coming out of me, when it was meant to go into the heart, it ended up everywhere else. When I think about that scene now, I think it must have been some sort of mess around the doctors, the blood pouring out of the entrance of the vain to the heart, but I do not need to know, and it is probably best that way for all others that read this, that the details of this happening cannot be described in more details either.

So, why am I writing about this here, and now. Well, it is Scroll V. It states:

¨Why have I been allowed to live this extra day when others, far better than I have departed? Is it that they have completed their purpose while mine is yet to be achieved? Is this another opportunity for me to become the man I know I can be? Is there a purpose in nature? Is this my day to excel?¨.

Scroll V, Greatest Salesman of the world, Og Mandino

so there you are, this is what I was thinking of, when I read this. I do believe that I have been given this extra day to achieve my purpose. For over 2 years now, I have been charging after personal development that would shift me, to find my purpose. It has not been easy. In 2018 in July, I had to insert 5 stents, small metal pieces to keep the veins open so the blood can flow through. In December 2018, I had a new scare, it was not so bad, I only had to rinse one of those stents, because the vein had been blocked around the stent. At the same time, the operation has left my left foot in a constant unbearable pain, so for 2 years I lived on 8 pain killing tablets a day, in Norway we call them Paralgin Forte, it is Paracetamol and Codeine together, but I was suddenly given an appointment at the Pain Clinic and they told me I had been so unlucky as to attract a pain syndrome they call CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and this is a syndrome which leaves my foot having burning pains that without medicine I would not be able to cope with.

So when the Scroll writes that I have been given a new opportunity to become the man I was meant to be. I am honored. I want to achieve something in life. I have always wanted to be useful to the world. Always wanted to give something to people, something that can help someone, and because I joined MKMMA, I have finally found how I help the world and help people. I will become a Life Coach. So far, on top of the MKMMA course work, I have done 1 Life Coaching course and are in the progress of doing a second Life Coaching course at present, I am near enough ready to sit the exam. I will do this before the end of March this year, so that when this course finish, I will be able to be a licensed Life Coach, go out into the world and finally be useful again.

From previous Scrolls I have learned that I begin a new life today, that I will greet this day with love in my heart, I will persist until I succeed and I am nature’s greatest miracle. To this I must answer: ¨YES, I am or YES I will¨. Is it not fabulous the journey we have had so far? Are you prepared better to achieve what you want to achieve in this world from taking MKMMA? I bet you know the answer. I am surely sure that I know the answer to this question. I am more ready than I have ever been.

I remember asking Mark in the first week of MKMMA why it was different from other self-development courses I have tried, and he answered me: ¨I promise you it will be very different¨. I am so glad I trusted that statement. This is something completely different. I was sceptical when we started the Vision Board, I was even more sceptical when we had to read the Scroll 3 times a day, and the Master Key chapters once a day for a whole week, but I see it now. It builds us up. We have become whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. What a course, it is a huge celebration on my part. I never thought I would be able to afford the PIF’s. I had to forgo many things, but I am SOOOO glad I did it. I have found the strength to go forward, I have found the courage to do it, and I will become a Life Coach, I will become a Teacher and I will help orphans around the world, especially those that are sexually abused in the orphanage in Manila where I worked as a voluntary for 6 months in 2005-6.

Thanks Mark and Davene; even the course is not finished, you have under promised, and over delivered by miles upon miles already. I can only state the fact of matter. I am more than happy that I came to this course, and that I am celebrating all the way to the end.

Have a great week everybody, and peace be the journey.


Week 18: HOW: an acronym

Hi all

We are back, the information must out. We must inform our readers, we must challenge you, we must give you a way to improve your life. This week in our webinar Mark was talking about the acronym HOW. H stand for honesty, O for Openmindedness and W for Willingness.

H and Honesty, is an obvious thing, we have to be honest, not only to ourselves, but to others, and to society as whole and to our spiritual universe. There is no achievement being made if we build things on lies. So the first principle to improve ourselves must be honesty. Sometimes, honesty can feel difficult, why? Because we human beings often are afraid of being different to others. We are not the one that like to be different from the others. I know, I have been dishonest before in my life, in fact, sometimes I still take myself in believing things that are not totally true. I have to catch myself, because people has installed in me, from my childhood, things that are not true. However, trough this course, I have met so many people that tells me the opposite, that I know that I know, that I am a worthy human being. I am nature’s greatest miracle, and I am valuable, I am more than enough. I rise as a sun in morning, from the darkness of the night, I finally rise, and I will keep honest from now on. I will be honest, even when people do not want to hear it. For in that situation, I know the other person is maybe not the right person to be listening to. Honesty is the first important indigence.

O stands for openmindedness. For our progress in life, we have to find out if we are openminded. What does it entail to be open minded? Well, it must include the fact that we are open to getting challenged. Will you admit that you can think differently than what you do at present time. I think openmindedness must be very important in taking in new information, and to alter the information we already have. Our knowledge tells us that we know how things are, but do we? I believe a high percentage of people, in fact as many as 80%, do not know, they just keep telling what our society tells us to say. This is really terrible. Why is it like this? Well, we have school, there you learn conformity, you learn to be bullied, you learn that it is the right ticks that counts. However, is this good? I have always had a controversial view on schooling. I do believe it is the reason for most evils in society. I puts 30 students without interesting tasks into a classroom. What do children do when they are bored? The find out things to do, to entertain themselves. And that is often bullying a result of. So my openmindedness, consequently means that we have to change school out with something else. Learning have to happen over internet, and at the speed that the student think is suitable to them. Then we can have other things to do in the daytime, when mum and dad are at work, for example, one can have some place to go and play with people one like, not like at school. Openmindedness also means that we do our exercises in this course. We accept challenges, even though we do not know why we do it. Little by little we do learn why we do it, but in the beginning we trust Mark and Davene. This is what openmindedness means, being open to new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of seeing things.

Finally W stands for willingness, how will you learn anything if you are not willing to do what it takes to learn it. Are you willing to know it all? How can we achieve anything if we are not willing to do what it takes to learn it. So this willingness that we have, leads to the discovery of what it takes to learn things. We are motivated, maybe in MKE we are very highly motivated, I think so, but we are also very lucky to have great teachers like Mark and Davene, and the guides as our teachers, so it makes it easy to be willing to learn. But, without willingness, we would just have looked at it, and as we have learned, knowledge does not apply itself. We have to be willing to apply what we learn.

In conclusion can we say that HOW is an acronym for how we have to attack learning. We must be honest, we must be openminded and we must be willing to learn. So this acronym can be used in many cases, so also in our course. I have always had all three, but I know many that do not have either of the three components in place, and it makes it hard for them to learn anything at all.

Have a great week.

Week 17HJ: We can only want 3 things

Hi all,

We can only wish for 3 things in this world: Health, Wealth and Love. These are the 3 large categories one can want. Health, about being healthy, without health we do not have much use for the other 2. Wealth; not the money itself, but what you can use the wealth for, one can do what want want with money. Finally, love. Love is in many people’s eyes the most important think. For many people it is, the feeling of being wanted by one or more people in this world.

On the issue of Health, I am not totally there yet after my heart bypass operation and 5 inserted stents. This has been a long way back to recovery, but I only can celebrate how far I have come from the days in hospital. At that time, I was not able to walk by own force, and now, today, I have helped a friend to carry a heavy book case around town, it was a pleasure to be able to help in many ways. Kindness plays a part, but it also proves how far my health has progressed so far. I now walk without problems, but also can take a heavier and heavier load, while I am walking. This is an improvement which I am celebrating every they. This week for me, was focusing on enthusiasm, and I did this with a lot of enthusiasm. So on health I am progressing. Health, however, is more than just physical health, and I am progressing also on mental health, from a dark place of as a person on the edge of suicide, to a person that feels a happiness of living and developing myself in a unique way, improving day by day, and being both kind, enthusiastic, happy and powerful.

On the issue of Wealth, what do you think of, when people say Wealth? You might think purely of money. However, money is just a mean to get what you want. It is what you use your money too that is how you achieve wealth. Especially Wealth has not much meaning if you do not have health accomplishing it, but having a good health means you can enjoy your Wealth. To get Wealth you need to focus on the law of attraction, really focus, in fact, focus alone is not enough, you must execute real concentration. In one lesson earlier in this course we saw that it is important to set your thoughts, and say what you want, and it shall be given to you. This does not mean, just sitting around thinking about it for a few hours and it will fall into your lap. You have to learn to create a happy and harmonious environment in your mind first, then you need to have courage and faith for the time it takes to create what you want so much. In fact, it is said in the course that the law of attraction and the law of love is one and the same, and therefore it is fitting to now move over to love.

Final issue is Love. This is by many people seen as the most important thing one can wish for. This because, without Love, what does it matter to have Wealth or Health, we human beings, are created to be social creature, and life enjoyment is often based on the time you spend with those that you love and the once that love you. Therefore, what is Love? For me, it was a big surprise that it was so important with Love, because in so many years I did not think I was loved. However, this course has thought me that I was created and born in love, and the conditions I have met along the way, is a thing I can use to help others remember that it is not all that can show that love in a way that it makes sense. Then, what is Love. In Lesson 13 it states that a desire is love, in other words, from a desire develops love, and we have a desire in us to spend time with people we love. I spend time with my dear friends, basically because my family do not want to spend time with me. They say they do not love me, but I think, they do, but they have other rules for their lives than the one I have followed. Among other things, I went to live in Australia and New Zealand for 25 years, something my brother constantly brings up as a betrayal of him. However, in the spirit of love, I have totally forgiven them, and are ready if they should ever turn around and want to spend time with me again. It is, however, very special to know that there are 3 people in this world that love me, my 2 daughters, Aina 32 years old, Loren 26 years old, and my fiancee. In addition, I feel loved by my mastermind group members, I feel loved by my close friends, and my fathers family, they live in the east of Norway, while I live on the West Coast, so we see each other very seldom, unfortunately.

So in sum, we can see, that there is 3 things we can want, of course there are many things one can want, but in basis, it is 3 things, so it can either be divided into a health desire, wealth desire or a love desire. Hence, we have 3 different things to set in our desires, to achieve them we have to have 4 things: a Positive Mental Attitude, a Burning Desire, a Plan of Action and a Mastermind alliance. So, we will alter our brain environment into a harmonious and happy environment, and pick up the 4 necessary parts mention above, and then things will start to happen. Can we feel this in this course? I will answer that with a one word statement in bold letters:


Thank you all for reading, and have a pleasant week. For me, the next week is moving into develop awareness of courage, and continue to give 2 random acts of kindness every day. What a wonderful task that is, I feel better, better, best!


Week 17: The MKMMA course continue. Now with Discipline

Hi All,

This week has been a kind and disciplined week. However, I have not been able to discipline myself to write the blog on time. The start is 6 hours late, but because of discipline, I am now, sitting here writing it, in the past, I would have said, well, it is too late, so why worry about it.

However, there is something that happens when you just let yourself drop out and not do what you were supposed to do. It tells you, you were not good enough to do it. I do not want to tell myself I am not good enough, because there is only one thing I know; I am good enough, I am enough, so what if sometimes I cannot do a thing just at time. I can still do it, I am worthy, I am enough.

So, what has this week been like, it has been tough, I have been disciplining myself, I have tried to live by the rules we have set in this course. It is hard not giving opinions when you confront opinionated people, it is lovely to just hear what people mean, and let them mean it. I am so grateful I do not have to try to alter their opinions any longer. I can just think to myself, well, it is interesting, why do that person have a totally other idea about that thing, or that person.

This week the Norwegian government was altered, one party left the government, the other 3 parties remained in government. This has not happened in Norway for a very long time, at least the journalists told me so, so it is a big event in Norway, and obviously the journalists have had a field day reporting it, hour for hour on the news channel here.

In old days I would have been discussing politics and been on the barricades for or against most things that happen. Due to this course, I do not have an opinion, I do not feel strongly for or against any political matter, and I am still alive. Wow, I focus on my life, and I have started to focus on helping others focus on their life, rather than focusing on things on the outside, I am started to focusing on the things within.

WHAT A CHANGE! I have always believed that what was inside me, was not important, because of my valuation of myself was equal to about the lowest number in value you can set, but through MKMMA, I have learnt to set value to me, I am important, I am enough as I am. My mother and father did not know how to show love, but God had a meaning with it. I was to find love somewhere else, I found love in God, in my friends, in my partner, I have learned a lot from the lack of love from home, I understand how important it is to show love, especially to my children. They need to know that dad is there and feel that love, even though I am not near them, one live in Christchurch in New Zealand and the other one I do not have much contact with, due to my mother and my daughters mother denying her to see me, if she still want to see them.

I still make sure I tell them both, I love you of all my heart, because I know it is important for them to know, that no matter how much or how little we talk to each other, I will always love them.

So, I am starting to really understand what Mark meant when he said, this course, MKMMA, is totally different to other courses you have done on self-help and self-development, and I can only promise you all, this course, IT IS DIFFERENT. It is about to altering my life completely.

I know can say, I see that I have value, I can see that my challenges, difficulties and heartaches are all valuable lessons that I can use, as I now progress to fulfill my DMP, as a life coach to help other people that struggled and want to move to a world where they can see the value in them, the way I have learned from MKMMA.

Have a great week ahead, to you all, be healthy, be love, be great, be valuable, and remember, YOU ARE ALL FANTASTIC


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