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Week 11:

Hi all,

I am happy to be back. I have studied 2 weeks full of information on the brain, and the Master Key system. I am sure I will persist, because only by persisting will I win.

Persistence is the only thing that will make you win, if you do not persist, you can not get anywhere in the world. It is also necessary to learn from the fact that you did not succeed. You must not persist doing just the same over and over again. You must change your approach to how you do whatever you are going to do.

I participated long in the Network Marketing industry. I have had some good success in this industry, I had 4 people sponsored, and some of them are still bringing me income. I only need to pay the yearly fee, and I can receive money for free. Without doing much anymore. This is fantastic. It is a great type of business. I find, most of the people that join these businesses unfortunately join for quick gains, and are not prepared to persist. They join and quit, and say it does not work.

This is common excuse for working. It is a symbol of our time. Instant gratification is all around us. We are all wanting the result immediately. I have learned a lot from a fantastic man that had great success in 6 companies at the same time. I mean he succeeded in all 6 companies at the same time, not by bringing people from one company to another, but by enrolling people into the different companies, after what fitted the person he had in front of him. At times, he did not even remember which company he was working for, and the person that joined, did not know the name of the company he joined. Why? Because it is the dream that matter, not the company.

We think that the company is important, it is not. It depends on which dreams you are able to set for yourself, and the Network Marketing company is just a vehicle to achieve your dream. This is why the company is not necessary to be important.

In addition, I play chess, and here you also need to have persistence to be a good player, sure you can learn chess by reading books. However, you need to go the grades from beginner to average player, then to a Master and finally, you can compete as a World Champion like Magnus Carlsen just did. He won the 5 match in a row. Now he might give up the title because it does not mean anything. He want to change the format of the tournament. He want less time to think, he want more matches, so the tournament will be more like quicker forms of chess. The FIDE is not willing to make the changes fast enough for him. So he has said that he will maybe give up the title without a fight, this will mean that he has run out of stamina, he will not persist another title, unless there is a special opponent in the next game. He may just drop the title in the hand of the player that wins the title match tournament.

Why do we not want to persist with things? We are so focused on instant gratification, and want to have things right now. This is a world thing right now. We also want to have great health, we want to find things that makes us safe and healthy instantly. The body can restore itself, but most of us use medicine to heal sickness. That makes it impossible for the body to work on restoring itself. Dropping antibiotic in the body, is like dropping a neuclear bomb in the atmosphere. It kills everything, not just the sick bacteria. It is therefore not a solution if you can escape it. I am myself taking pain killing medicines, so I am not advocating not taking medicines that are required. I am just saying we should be aware of what we are doing to ourself. The medical industry is based on the chemical industry and we are eating all this chemistry rather than taking time to heal ourself. Healing yourself would be a form of persisting again.

All forms of persisting is hard, it demands effort. Both the Network Marketing industry, Chess and healing yourself. They are the all against common wants of the current times. It is the opposite of instant gratification. It means it takes time. It is not instant, and so the people of this current world do not want it as the solution preferred. We need to change the world. We need to learn how things work, and how it can change our world. It can change our health, it can change our energy levels, it can change the way we do things all day long, it can also do something very important. It can make us win. The developer of electricity, Edison, would never have found up the light bulb if he did not persist, he did at least 1000 trials with things that did not work, before he managed to succeed. Imagine, if we did not have electricity? It would not have been fun. We would have no electricity, and we would not be able to write exams at night. Like what I have just done. I am currently in an exam period. It is tough, but I needed a break, and therefore I am writing this article right now. It is fun, and I enjoy telling people there are a new way to do things, and it is the oldest trick in the world¨, it means persisting when the going gets tough. I can teach you how you should do, in many ways. I can help you doing Network Marketing the right way, and I can coach you in doing the business you like to do. You want help? Coaches are ready to help you, I am a Coach, and I want to tell you it is very easy to book a call with me. I have a webpage, and it is, and it is where you will find a time that you like and we can talk together about what you want, and what you want to solve, but we cannot help you achieve something instantly, however we can change your emotions nearly instantly. That is maybe what will make you persist when you did not before. Enjoyment is great.

Hope you have a great day, a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

All the best,


Week 9

Hi All,

I have had a fantastic break this last week. I am so happy, I am so fantastically wonderfully, great, whole, perfect, harmonious and perfect, and happy.

Life is good. I am happy, it is a new affirmation I have learned, in addition to Do It Now and I can be what I will to be, I have learned a great new affirmation. This one goes like this: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

What does each of these mean?

I am whole, this mean that I am one human being, and as a human being, I am whole, there is no part missing, I am fine, I am good, I am doing ok. I am also seeing good, and I am hearing good. My body is a whole unit. I am total from the step of putting water and food into my body, I am whole all the way thru my body, to the outlet, of these things. I am also whole, in the sound system, and in the talk system. I feel also whole in every one of the senses. I like all of them, and I am whole in all of them.

I am strong can mean that I have many muscles, or that I am strong opinionated. It will be true both ways I think. Because I hold myself together. I want to see you showing me strength too. I need you to be strong too. I like strong people. I need people that are full of energy around me. Not people that just get tired all day long.

I am powerful, it seems to be a little like strong, but powerful, can be much more, is it not? I think powerful can include that you have power. Power is many things. It can be having power about something, like for example of your class mates, or your wife, even if you do not have it, you can be granted it. I know, I have been in a few such relationships, and it is not easy, not for a person that like to show my powerful side by winning arguments, in a powerful way, I like to be the one that is the person that is right. That there is nothing that can be said against me, because I know what happened at the table, I know what happened at the situation we are talking about, and media and others have reported it so wrong, for so long, you do not believe it when I tell you. Hurray.

I am loving, this is wonderful. I like to be loving, I am not always being loving to everyone. But when I am not loving it is because I demand others to be as me, loving towards others. I do not demand people be loving to me. That is stupid, and egoistic. I want you to be loving to me, if you like to be , and not because somebody, including me, told you too. I want to be loving towards everybody. And I am loving to all, but I hold my nearest to a higher standard than the rest. Others do not need to be loving in return to get the love, why is this? This is because, my nearest have, or should have, learned from me, that they need to be loving to get love. I give what I get from them. Nothing more.

I am harmonious, this is the best of all these traits, it is so nice, so harmonious. So peaceful. I am fine. I enjoy my life. My life enjoys me. There is nothing more difficult than being harmonious with oneself. It demands total forgiveness to everyone around you, and to yourself, but I have achieved it. I enjoy this forgiveness, I have talked to my mother and brother, in mental place only of course, since they just show me the finger in real life. Or thumbs up, when I ask if I should kill myself, but I am to harmonious to go and do that kind of shit, any longer. They hoped to read that I was dead the next day. Of course, but they forgot to read what I said, if this was the case, I said, you would like me to go and kill myself, I suppose, (now my mother; show thumb up); this was incredible, unbelievable, I feel I have won. They have always wanted me dead, hence why I had to escape from the home, why I had to run away, why everything in my life happened as it did. It is incredible that nobody has understood it before. But now I have, and I am not going to make their life easier by dying. I am going to ask for their forgiveness, and if I do not get it, I take it anyway, that, they cannot do anything about, but I will be freer them them, because I have asked for their forgiveness, and I am not holding any grouches against them, like they do to me.

I am happy; coming to this last point after the harmonious is a bit of a freak. Because I completed my harmonious part, with the fact that I would be laughing and being freer than the other part, because I do not any longer, feel anger toward them, while they obviously holds that towards me. I told the truth, I told it as I had experienced it. I did not want to be cast into doubts. I cannot understand how that helpless idiot of a woman, called my mother, could be still doing the accounting for FKS, as she could not for 2 years do any accounting, even repetitive task, she could not do. By herself, without me pressing the buttons. It is incredible. Who is doing it for her now, that is my question? She most likely have a slave worker, like she used me? I stopped wanting to be that slave, and I did an attempt to make them see the truth, but they did not, and now, she has another slave worker, that do it for her, but it is strange. They have still not heard from the new slave. I feel sorry for that person, that is the slave for my mother today.

In the end, we have a lot of messages in this one affirmation. It is a great, totally correct affirmation. It combines all the parts that are needed. We are in the parts, we are in the whole, I am one, One am I.

I love me, me love I.

Good night girls and guys.
John Eide

I am perfect, this means that I fit just the way I am. I am doing fine. Perfect means that you do things in a good way, and you fit into the people you are with. There is a problem, I do not necessarily always feel perfect, and if this tells me I am perfect, does that mean that I am wrong in feeling not perfect, or that this is wrong, and I am not perfect. I guess, I will like to believe that I am perfect and this affirmation is right, and that I am good.

I am

Week 7: We will idealize and visualize

Hi All my readers,

Now it is time to read the 7th Part of the Master Key. Haanel is writing that it is all down to idealizing and visualizing the things that we want. There is a basic truth that is being revealed here. We mostly idealize and visualize the things that we fear most in this world. Unfortunately this is true for most of the people in the world. He states in Part 7,

So what should we do?

We should focus on the things we want. This is so great. It gives me such a great feeling when I focus on what I want in life. I can visualize it all the time. I have visualized things into being already many times before. I have visualized the start of the Master Key programme. I have visualized being able to complete it, including the payments that I was including, the first time I did this course. I have a lot of knowledge about how to do things now. I have learned so much from this process.

It is so great, such a confidence builder to see what is that which you want to be, and remember: I can be what I will to be, it seems to be written incorrectly, but it is not. I can be what I will to be, is the sentence from an earlier lesson in Master Key. It is one of my affirmations. I say it every day, 25 times a day, together with Do It Now. These affirmations, are pointers to when I shall start doing my thing. I can be what I want to be, and I should start working on them as soon as possible.

I am going through this programme for the second time, and I want to achieve a higher goal this time than first time I went through the programme. I wish, no I do not wish. Wishing do not lead to the place where I want to go. No wish and no will. I am going to be a successful coach. I am going to build an income stream of thousands of dollars. I will make that happen, no matter what happens in this world. I can coach on the tremendous area of relationship, I can coach on rapid transformation, I have special training in coaching on the control of emotions.

I am going to use these things, I am going to follow many different leaders in many things, but I am looking towards one leading star when it comes to coaching, hypnosis and NLP. I am always looking to upgrade the information and skills I have in coaching, to be able to be in the advanced class when it comes to coaches. It is necessary to be there. To be able to communicate and listen very carefully to what people say. They seldom say what they want to say. Is it not strange. You ask a person what they want to do, and suddenly they say they want something, but they do not mean that at all. Why do we go around wanting less than what we can want to be? It is strange to me. But it makes sense, when you know that most people has fear of failure and fear of success. Is that strange? No, it is due to the learned failure in schools. The red pen syndrome.

We have to get out of it. We have to build trust in people. Schools should be changed. The school system is too rigid, it is outdated. I think school would be better if it started to teach our young people something interesting. It is amazing what kids do if they are allowed to do what they find interesting. Suddenly, they would love to be back at school. However, why sit and learn how to do things they can hit up on Google any day they need it. I think therefore that the reason I want to be a teacher is to change the way our school system work.

What do I want to do? I want to change the curriculum for schools. What they learn today, they can learn by themselves, through homework. They do not need the teacher to talk to them about this and that. They learn more from Google than they learn from their teacher these days. It is like in the society around us, what do we do when we wonder about something. I have met it myself. I got told many times, look it up on Google said people to me. I did not think it was necessary to check Google, because I found that there was one point that is missing there. I find that my view is missing on the internet. But that is not the case anymore. Now you can find all sides of a case online.

We need children to create newspapers, to get involved in local debates, we need to teach them things, but first, we need to teach them to fail fast, and to learn that it is good to fail, because then you know why you learn something. It is not so that you remember it on a test for teacher to give you so many right matters. It is for you to know the basic stuff. When I was at school, I was there to be bullied, and I was bullied bad. I feel they are feeling sorry for me now, when we meet. It is a strange feeling. Why? Because I should hate them for it? I do not think so. I got to live in Australia and New Zealand because of them. I got to experience a world, I would never had been to if I did not hate my home country so much. I ended up in New Zealand, for 20 years. Those will for always be remembered as the best days of my life. I got to be an academic leader, I was a lecturer for 6-7 years, I went to university there. But here, I am not a person anyone wants to employ. I am also now, too sick to work in any place, but that has happen from long time of struggling to put my life together, after years of bullying. I am not being resentful, but it is the truth. I struggled so much with getting away from here, that I did not take care of number 1. Myself. I did not care about myself, before, suddenly in 2017 and 2018, I had two major operations. In 2017 I had a major operation, a quad-ruple bypass, with veins that was 95% blocked into my heart and out of my heart. In 2018 it was not such a serious work, but 5 stents, took 5 hours to place. It was terrible to lay on the metal plate for so long, with one string in the foot, and one in the arm, and they went on fishing trips inside my heart to place the stents. The small bits that keep my heart able to receive blood. There were 5 points on the veins, the main arteries into the heart, which failed to keep open. At the end of 2018 I also had to get one of the stents replaced. Therefore I expected that I had to do that every half year, but luckily that has not happened. Since then I have gotten out of the chair, I have gotten out in the mountain, and walked big trips, in spring this year, I came to go trips of 20-30 thousand step a day. It was insane. But such a wonderful experience.

Now, I am at a more relaxed stage. I am busy. I walk 10 000 steps a day, but it is an addition to this. I sit 5 hours every day at school. It is hard to walk when you are in the school. But every evening I take a walk after school, it is beautiful to walk in the city at that time. It means that you have the world to yourself. It is wonderful, and I meet people and say hello to many of them. It is good, it is wonderful and it is great to see the world moving.

So even if you sit in a chair, you can get out. I have done it, I have used my visualization powers, I have build myself strong, I have made myself better and better. I can do it. I can again, get up, Go out, come back home tired, I can do it. I am going to do it again. However, now in winter, I am going to relax a bit. Because the winter is a cold, in Norway, it is generally colder than most places. So it is not much fun going out, unless you need to , as me, I have to go out, I have to be at school every day, Monday to Thursday, from 4pm to 9pm, and I love every minute of it. It is wonderful, It is magic. It fulfil my life dream. I am going on to be a teacher in the next year or two. I know where I want to go, and why I do it. Therefore it is only to follow my dreams. Idealize it, then visualize things, so that I get the next step, the next action step. I need to find the next step to take, when I meet new obstacles, I visualize, and I find the way forward. If I do something and it does not work out. I do not mind, I listen to my teachers, and they tell me what to do. They tell me to sit back down again and find another solution to fix the obstacle in my way. It is wonderful to be at school, It is wonderful to be fulfilling my life purpose. That is what drives me.

Remember, you must idealize your dream, yes, you must focus on what you want. Forget all the bad memories. Forgive all the people you have ever been angry with, hold nothing back. Yes, you need to forgive even yourself. But you must first forgive all the other people. Then you can free yourself. After you have idealized, you must visualize the action steps, the step for now, is one set, sometimes it helps to work backwards. What do I need to do to reach the final step, and then if there is more things you need to solve to achieve your dream, you can work on the different parts you need to work on.

For example: I do not to work on many things to reach my goal. I need to be a better communicator, so I study this subject. I need to be better at asking the right questions, so I did take two life coach courses. I am happy I am going through those courses again and again, even I do not have to do the exams again. It is great, the teacher had taken a break. So I think I find the best thinkers in YOUR nation.

I am sure, if you do, idealization and visualization in the way I say, You will achieve, both the confidence, and the required skills to achieve your dreams and goals. They will appear to come easy too. They are not going to have any hard jobs to achieve them. However, it does not happen tomorrow. It needs a little bit longer than that, you must have some realistic dreams. You need to be working on it for a while. I saw myself achieving the goal and I saw myself, walking again. Now I am. And I am happy to be able to share with you, the way I did it. I am happy to tell you it works. and therefore, let us be a gang of people that believe in this method. I do, will you join me? Thank you.

All the best, and God bless,

Week 6: Learned about the Brain

Hi All,

We are learning about the brain this week. It is a marvelous world. Who am I? I am not my brain, not my body. I am a peace of me. But the I tell the brain what to think, and tell the body what to do.

I am, I am, I am my feeling and thoughts.

This weeks exercise was sitting still and thinking about a picture, then close my eyes, and remember it in detail. First it was difficult just to sit still. Then it was difficult to make my brain just think of one thing. I love the exercise. It is really worth it. I leaned what to do. I learned to see the picture in my situation a family I had long ago. Not any longer. I saw a picture of my mum, and I then saw a picture of my dad, and I learned a lot. I know they hate me. They hate me so much they want me dead.

They are my enemy on this earth. They would have killed me was it not for MKE. MKE thought me to look beyond their hate. I learned to forgive them. I learned that me telling the truth was my due course. I had to tell that she, my mum, could not do the accounting by herself. She did not want to do it herself. She might now do it. But I am no longer going to help her. I am not going to let her tell everybody she did it, when I did it for her. She forced me too. I had to do it because she could not do it.

That is, and will always be the thruth. I am happy I told the truth. That nobody believed me in FKS does not matter. I do not care. My history is not an easy one. To tell the truth about your own mother. It is sad. I can not live with myself if I did not tell the truth about what was going on. I am only sad that I could not help the organization to get rid of a useless worker. But she is still there. I have had many calls due to having the wrong idea about who my telephone number belongs to. It is my telephone number, not the organization of FKS.

It is so good to tell that I have had a bad life. I was lucky I got to spend 25 years in Australia and New Zealand. My mum, my father, my brother, my family all hated me. They do not want me. So it was better for me to go away. So I left this country, for 25 years. Luckily I came myself away from what is the worst family you can imagine.

They bullied me continously, my father is the only one that said sorry. At my 18th birthday, my father said sorry after putting me through a 6 month programme with a psycologist. Magne Raundalen, was meant to be the best children psycologist there is. But I do not think that he did any good. But after those meetings, my father chose to say sorry about what he had done. That is the reason why I have a picture on my FB page.

Otherwise he could not have been there. Now he is dead. Unfortunatly, he did not know what happen to him in the end. I knew more than he did. I did not get much news about him from home. Only when it was the last 3 days of his life, did I get a phone call. From hosptial. They needed to know if I wanted to torture my father or give him a dose of pain killers, that probably killed him before he should have died. I was told 2 weeks, and it took only 2 days. So I did not get to say goodbye to him. I am happy to know he has risen and live in a new body now. That is my belief that will happen to us all. I long to get a new life, a new chance to live a normal life. A life in a loving family. A family that care about you. That will be wonderful. However, it was not just

If you know, I have finally got friends, friends I can trust and are there for me. That is not always the case with friends. You think they are friends. But they are not, suddenly another episode in my life comes to mind. I met a person. He showed to be no good. Then I luckily got advised what kind he was, and I told him to not call me anymore. He is gone. I am happy. I have friends. I have some that care for me. It feels good. Especially Kristoffer that I make podcast with. He is my best friend. I love him as a friend. I love that he has a lot of life in him. I really like that he has lots of ideas. I wish I could make him find a lady that he could share his life with. Be lucky to find someone that loved him like my girlfriend loves me.

It is a wonderful dream, to have a woman that loves you so much. My woman loves me, more than I can believe. I have had a lot of bad luck in my life. I think some I can not even remember by name. Others I do remember, unfortunately, I remember all to well. But I am not sorry to have loved them. All things you do in life, makes you understand life better. I love life. It teaches me stuff. I am happy to tell you. I am happy to live. I am happy to experience the hardship I met. I now understand why I face problems.

Problems are a warning, it tells you that there is something else you should face.

I love life, I love MKE, and I love my girlfriend.

Thanks to all that listen, it has been a busy week, I have been studying first for a history presentation, then for an exam in Science. I love studying. I love it. It makes me learn stuff I did not think I would ever learn. I want to achieve something with my study. I want to be teacher, I want to study it finished. I might need a few years to reach it. But I want to achieve it. I really think I could manage to live with a few days at school and then I do not know what I am able too, but I want to try. A little at first, then more, then more, in the end, I hope that I can try to be in the classroom full time. I would feel good.

All the best everyone, fight for your goals,

Week 5: Subconscious Mind not utilized

Hi friends,

Have you used your Subconscious Mind lately? Did you know that 90% of the things you do, is done by the Succonscious Mind? How can we utilize it better?

You use your Subconscious Mind all the time. You know you breathe, your hearl pump, you can not control these things. Why? Because if you had to think about them, you might forget. But you use it to many more things too. It makes you be unorganized, it is why you do things the same way over and over again. It has become a habit.

In Scroll 1 they say that we shall change bad habits to good habits. The first habit is to feed your mind good stuff. If you read the Scroll 1 with thinking, you read things 3 times a day. The same stuff. So repetitive, it seems so boring does it not? Well, in fact you are not doing it to read it over and over again. The fact is, we are doing it to feed our mind good stuff. It is practice, we can find other stuff to feed our mind later, but we need to understand that we need to feed things many times, if it is going to sink in. We cannot just read things one time, and think that we will get things into our brains. We will be able to learn it, but to create good habits, we need to read it more often. We will see that it takes approx 15-20 minutes every day to get things to change.

Why do we need to do it that way? Because we have to get the message thru to the subconscious mind. When we want to create a new habit it is not just to want to do it. We need to make the subconscious mind hear the new habit over and over again.

Do you have space for more stuff in the subconscious mind? Yes, of course, even if it has stored stuff since your childhood. But that is one of the problems too. You still remember your childhood memories. That is like my problem with PTSD. I remember childhood experiences. You know, like my father doing this and that, my mother bullying me, my brother bullying me, my class bullying me, everybody bullying me, everywhere I went I was bullied. Why? Because I got angry and it was fun to destroy my childhood. I escaped the devils, at the age of 22. I got to move to Australia, and then I moved to New Zealand. My wife, seems to have married me, because she wanted to be with me for a while, but then she suddenly was angry with me, and did not want me to go to university. She seem to think that I should go out and work instead. I got a part time job as a pump boy at a petrol station, a few nights and all Saturday and Sunday. However, it was not enough. She threw me out, in the middle of a semester of study. I had NZD$430 in my bank account. I did not want to go, but she sent me away.

A week later she came to pick up my daughter in a new car, I later learned that this was the car of her new husband. I guess they got married quickly. I do not know how it is legal to marry so quickly. We were just separated, but she got married again. I think there was some situation with the fact that we were married in Australia, and had not been registering our marriage in the register in New Zealand. Anyway, I was so lucky. I got a new friend, after a while she told me she wanted to be my girlfriend, and I said yes. I mean I was run down. Down to the ground. I had nowhere to go. I had no possibilities to get out of the situation I was in. I had to say yes, just to get out of the mess I was in.

I was happy with her for a year. It went on and on. I think I started realizing that it was over, I was getting back to being myself. I was getting over the crisis I had been in. There was no way that I could fix it. I just had to go on. Suddenly my new girlfriend gave me an ultimatum. She wanted to know where she stood. Not strange. We had been seeing less and less of each other. I knew something happened there. It was not good. We ended.

Now I was only me, so I did what I loved to do. Which I was never allowed to do when I was with these girls. I went dancing. I loved it. I danced and I danced and I forgot every thing. I danced competition against some of the people, I danced competition with the DJ, it was fun. After a few weekends I was back, another girl dropped into my life. This was different. She loved to go dancing. We went all the time. It is funny, I still remember the moves. I still even remember the atmosphere. It was dark on the dance floor. The bar was right next door. All I drank was water. Believe me, I drank water. The subconscious mind thought. This will go fine. We went fine for a year an a half, then I lost my job as a lecturer. We needed to send me away. I needed to get away. Away from Auckland. I went to Manila. I went to a childrens home. A home where the children loved me.

All these and many more memories I have stored in my head. It was good. I have both good and bad memories stored in my head. When I am down, I am focusing on the bad stuff. When I am up, I am focusing on the good things. It does not help me. If I could look at the good things only, it woud be more much better. Why, oh why, do I keep these bad memories in my mindd? Why oh why??? It is to many things, that drag you down when you are down, and at the same time. I was surprised by my old girlfriend the to other day, she called me. Out of the blue, she suddenly called me, she said come to New Zealand, we can be together again. My husband died 4 years ago. What? We have not seen eye to eye since student days. I think that would be strange now.

The world is strange place. We sleep, eat, study, work and sleep again, and than we do it all over again. Right? That is if you can afford it gitt. I am so happy. Some people say there is more to life. What do you think? You think they are right or wrong? I think I think about it.

I do not know if there is more to life, but we shall learn something while we live. We are here to fulfill a purpose. We create dreams. These dreams we shall fulfill. It is what we live for. I have mine. Buy an apartment in Odessa, in Ukraine, with view out over the Black Sea. It is not black, but it is still black, lol. These dreams, we shall fulfill. I want to become a qualified teacher. I also want to have my Bachelor of Commerce degree recognized in Norway. In that case, I need to do some more study. I have started. I get good grades. I do well. I enjoy it, I get more encouragement. I am on my way. This week it is one test, next week another assignment delivery, the week after that it is a Science test. But I have a goal. The goal is much bigger than this task. This task is a on-the-way-task. But it kills time. It is wonderful. I prove I can move forward. The heart attack tried to stop me. However, I am safely moving forward again. It is great. I love it. My other goal is to travel the world, together with my girlfriend. It has to way a while. I first have to fly to Ukraine. However, now she is coming to Norway soon. I look forward for it. That will be a very nice event. 3 months we will be together. Then she will be gone for 3 months. Then she will be back again and again. Coming going coming going. Therefore, it was easier with a person that lived in Norway, however, I now have to hope that we will stay together for our whole life. It will be so cool. She has 3 children. I have my 2 children. I have a goal of meeting my daughter again. But I do not know when she will be ready. Maybe when and if her mother dies. Maybe when her grandmother dies, I talk about my mother. It is my mother and my daughter’s mother that stop us from being able to see each other. I send messages as often as I am allowed and stick to the permitted plan. If so, maybe things will go as planned. I miss my daughters. The other daughter lives in Christchurch. I miss her too. I have not been able to see her since 2017. When she suddenly appeared on my bedside. At the hospital where I had my bypassoperation due to 95% blockage of my arteries into my heart. It was too much. I could no longer live with my old arteries. They had to be disconnected. But I am loosing track.

Why did we start this blog? To answer the question of the Subconscious mind. It is great. It remembers everything. That? Is not so wonderful. It will not forget. That is not good either, however, that is often good, but I have surpressed a heck of a lot of abuse. I remember. but they do not. I want to be with you when you have time. I see you are busy now. Shall I come back later???

My dear reader. I am happy to tell you. To have a habit, you must create it. To have a new habit use the same method. Maybe a bit more difficult. However, nothing is impossible. In fact, Scroll 1 is teaching us to change a habit. So Week 5 and Scroll 1, inform us, we can and we should change a habit or more. If we have the same habits a year from now, we will be just were we are today. That is the truth. We have to fact it, dear reader. We must do, all there is to do, if we want to change it. Do we want to? If not, there would be no reason to be here writing this blog post. We could sleep. However, that is not a habit of mine, lol. It is sad, but true. I do not sleep very well. However, if it was because I am happy. It would not be so bad. However, I am going along just find just now. I am nervous. I am going to change a few habits this time around. I will use Affirmations. I will implement a Change during the course this time around. I forgot it all last time.

The world will look like a better world. This page looks like I am achieving what I want to achieve. I will be on top of the world, when my business start rolling. I will do Numerology as a service now. Enjoy.

I am doing Life Coaching: 5 first customers get a free 2 hours session with me, where we talk about your goals, because that is what we shall talk about in this session. I enjoy it. I will support you. 1 of the 5 will earn a whole years coaching, the request that you have to comply with; is that you give me a letter of testimonial, after 1 month, 3months and 6 months, and at the end after 12 months. To tell me how it is going. This I do to get proof that I can do the coaching. I have to prove that I can do it. I have a special package for them, that is 80% discounted.

I will soon add Hypnosis to my practice too. It is under way. Starting the to get into the course now. It is really interesting. I enjoy all the things that are under way now. I will also start Business Coaching and Virtual Chakra soon as well. All in good time.

Well I have to say. It did become longer than I had thought. If you want to get a free coach for a year, sign up now. Go to the page to book an appointment on

Have a wonderful day, all the best, and Best Regards,
John Eide

Week 4: Who am I?

It is such a great question. I am wondering, have you ever thought about who you are? I have just read a chapter of the Master Key Experience, and it gave me goose bumps. It was so powerful. I have unfortunately read it 2 times before, and I have to say that it is strange how it becomes just as strong or even stronger this time around. It resonate so well with me.

Why? I think this is because I finally the plans, and the dreams in the right place.

Why can we read something 4 times, and it tells you different things each time?

Because you are ready to hear what you hear. It is very very important to have the right mind to understand what you read.

I asked who am I?

The answer is that I am a spiritual being. I am one of many souls. Our soul is not our body, it is not our mind. It is the soul in our body. However, our body is the tool we use to achieve what we do. But our souls, are the things that are able to tell the body to do what we think.

Further we do not want fears, we do not want negative things to be something we dwell on.

Let us all be positive and read our Greatest Salesman Scroll and take up every words that we can, we learn to change habit now, and we need to have a habit to take over, when we want to stop one habit. I have noticed this with regards to quitting smoking, you have to replace this habit with something else, and it should be a positive habit. This is important.

Let us all, create good habits and leave our bad habits behind.

Have a great week.
John Henning Eide


How are you doing? I am doing fine. My DMP is up. you can read now. I look to create a wonderful life, I look to create a business that will help others. I am going to create a wonderful religious happening in my life. I build a business by studying other people, I study life coaching, I study hypnosis, and create video courses and books.

I am going to purchase my apartment in Odessa, Ukraine, I travel the world, I am going to be a speaker, and finally I build my charity to help children. To create this happening I am going to give as long as it takes to study and learn from others to be a world class coach. I am going to create the best programmes for people to enjoy and learn from.

Life is good as long as I am building toward my goals. I am going to achieve it. I do change and my life are going to change with it.

Have a great week everyone.
John Henning Eide

Week 24: MKMMA takes a break, until September

Hi all,

It is sadly true, the MKMMA is having a break, well, really it is starting over again in September 2020. It is strange to think that we have been doing this course now for 6 months. It is really strange, time has flown.

I must admit, there has been time, when I did not think this was it, and there has been times when I am more sure this is it, and now, it is Graduation Day on Sunday.

I do not want to let it be Sunday this week. It is the day we change over for summer time, can we take a whole day of moving over? So we do not do Sunday this week. Well, I guess not, the world has to come to a new beginning. I have to be able to do it on my own, I feel like a child, learning to walk again. Well, I think I manage, I think I will be able to utilize the material, I hope that some will stay in close touch. You can all reach me, I have my details in the bottom half of this post, but I also leave my blog for next year, I will be doing MKMMA again, I am set on it.

This has been the most fun I have had in my entire life. Does that say something? Is it me, or is it me? I know, I am an exciting fantastic happy, harmonious guy. I know, I laugh a lot. I smile even more. I am happy. I want to experience greatness, I know I will do it, is that too much? Am I being bad? I know now that all we have to do, all we have to train to do perfect, is to think. How easy can it be? How hard can it be? Well, it is not easy, it is that funny saying again: ¨It is simply, but it is not easy¨, why is everything so simple, and why did I not figure it out all by myself? Well, because I know, when the student is ready, the master appears. And that is what just happened.

I must say a big: ¨Big Thank YOU, to Mark and Davene¨, for putting all this together. I am so proud of you two. I will sell you anywhere, anytime, to anyone. It has been such an honor to be in this course. I know Mark and Davene say we did it all by ourselves, but it had to put together the right way. And, that, I did not do. Thankfully, I am so glad it was done. I have been doing classes as a lecturer, I know a bit about what it takes to run a class. Though I love it, I know it takes a lot of effort, and I want to thank Mark and Davene for taking the time out and doing that. It is the least we have to thank you for. It is not very likely you will have any live event in France this year, I think, due to C-19, but I am fired up about attending the material online instead, I think it will do just as much good, and I will hang around the course, until next year, and we all be fine by then to meet again.

It is great knowledge they have invested into us. It is something that I was surprised by. It was not at all how I expected it to be. That is just a great thing. I always find I expect thing to be a bit too serious and too educational, but I liked it, in fact, every Sunday I was itching to get on the webinar, even it was late in the evening. I did not mind, the time suited me fine. I am starting to feel the difference inside, and I know that to reach my goals I am just going to move forward, doing the tasks they set me.

In the beginning of the course, we did a 7 day Mental Diet. It had the most profound change in my life. I have always been a person that know I am right. Even when I am not right. It was such a wonderful feeling to let go of that part of me. I see know, why I ended up in so many arguments in my youth, and why I ended up at 20 year old all alone, and without even the few friends I used to have around. I am so much better know, I am even feeling the difference. I do not have to argue with anyone any longer. In fact, all I do, is ask them a question: ¨Interesting, why do you mean that?¨ and I leave them to tell me why they mean it, and how they like to argue for that point of view, and ask me do you agree, and I say¨I have to think about it, but it is an interesting point of view, tell me more, maybe you can make up my mind¨, half an hour later, I am still having them talk away. In old days, either me or the other person would fly from the table, in anger, now, it is just listen to what s/he say, it does not matter to listen to another person tell you what they mean. It is great, it kills time, it teaches me what kind of person they are. It shows me their IQ, lol, not meaning to be bad. I am joking. Of course, I have come to learn that people with other views than me, can in fact have a point or two in-between all that wrong logic of theirs. Again joke, joke, joke. But, that is how I would have been thinking before September 2019, and that is why I show you the line that is now joke, joke, joke. It really is true. This is the biggest change in me for the moment, and I know there is coming more. I am looking forward to it.

I had planned a 4 day silent retreat in the Sognefiord at Easter, but due to C-19, I am having to cancel it, what a petty. Well, there will be time to do it later. You see, before September 2019, John Eide, did not think like this, oh well, it will happen later, did not belong in my vocabulary, neither did I see what you mean. I am in fact, so much happier with my new life. I am so happy that I can relax, listen to someone in a conversation. Rather than having to become angry and upset every time there was an argument about something. It is a pleasure to have had to go thru the 7 Day Mental Diet and now we are going thru a Super 14 Day Mental Diet, it is so great for me, I learn so much from this little task.

I am looking forward to finding the plan fulfilled by 2023, I am expecting things to happen soon, as it says in Think and Grow Rich, I am waiting for the Telegram with the plan for how to achieve it, because I am not certain how it is possible, but the mind has set that thought in my head, and I am sure it will work out just great. I am so happy to finally making my life long dream finally become reality. I am now a Certified Master Life Coach, and I have started learning to use NLP and a little bit of Conversational Hypnosis, not that I will make people fall over and go into trance or anything like that. It is small things that can help people change themselves if they want to do it, and are struggling. It is not at all what I thought it was, but it is great. So now, I am a Life Coach and I am going to start making it known, I have been doing Coaching with my students before, but the actual title as Life Coach is brand new, but I am ready, I am excited, joyful, wonderful and happy that I am ready to fire on all cylinders for a new career. How wonderful is that? I cannot tell you in words. Just a scream of WOW will do for a small part of it. I will scream from the top of my lungs. WOW, WOW, WOW.

Hope you all are as excited and happy as I have been following this course to the end. Think, we did it, we are the champions, natures greatest miracle’s, we are fantastic. We, all of us, I never include only myself anymore, I want to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you are so wonderful people, I hope we will meet again somewhere some day, and it will all be good. If you want send me an email or add me to your list at Messenger or Skype, and we will talk some day soon. I have a video conferencing software, that gives you 1000’s of people to use free video conference and free calling, all around the world, totally for free. So if we should use that to contact each other get ahead and contact me, so that we can get in touch. I love having people to talk to, especially hero’s like you guys.

Here is my contact details:

John Henning Eide
My websites:

So you can contact me, if you want to, I leave my blog up, so it will be available, have a great summer, hopefully the virus will be finished soon. At least so we can have a little summer holiday before the winter comes back.

Thanks to you all,
John Eide

Week 23: MKMMA is near the end

Hi all,

This week the Digital Solution Webinar ended. It is sad to think that we have been following this webinar for 20 weeks and we have learned so much, and now it is ended. There is so much more I would have loved to learn, but it is the end.

Also the MKMMA course is near the end, 2 more weeks, I hope to become a guide to be in next year, to fulfill my dream to be partnered with Mark and Davene. I would love it. However, I am not sure I will know what to do yet. I look forward to the last 2 weeks of the webinar in MKMMA and I am so lucky as to be in this fantastic Mastermind, that will work to help us all achieve so much more.

Masterminding what is that? Masterminding are a group of people working together to achieve their DMP, my group is a group of 4 very motivated people, that have had a great use of the MKMMA course. We are all very happy for participating in the course, and I think I speak for all of us, when I tell you that we would love to have webinar all year round, not just half a year. But all good things also come to an end, and we have some material to still learn and to fish up. We have 4 more scrolls of Og Mandino to complete after the course, and Mark told us that there are 4 lost chapters in the Master Key system book too. I hope we find them and can utilize them for more learning and more reading.

I will continue in the Go90Grow course and that way I will be keeping in touch with Mark and Davene. It is a full on course, specialized for MLM business. I do one of those and therefore I feel it is very exciting to learn how Mark succeeded in one, since I am so far from succeeding in mine. I have been further ahead than I am now, before. However, when I went to go on, I got met with a lot of funny talk from my upline, so I will need to keep my system I learn from Mark for myself and for my group. Because my upline do not want to know anything but the stuff he has done for so many years, even though he has not added any people for many years as I know of.

MKMMA is near the end, I have learned so much, so many fantastic blogs I have read from the participants, I really wish to keep in touch with more people than just the 4 in my Mastermind, but it seem not too many more people wish to keep in touch, so it is up to them to grab a connection, anyway, it is great to be alive, it is great to learn the Law of Least Effort, Emmerson, Wattles, Rossau and Haagnel and Mandino. It is so fantastic a reading list, that you nearly cannot learn from anyone better.

Ok, everyone, keep in touch, if you like, send me an email and whether you like to meet to continue the studying or just to remain friends, it is up to you. Hope to hear from you all.

Have a great week, read the Law of Least Effort and hope to see you, at some place, either in France or Kauai at some time. I am afraid this summer trip will be cancelled. I know France at present has no entry, and it is illegal to walk on the streets without permission. It is a law that stops people from leaving their houses. So we will have to see what happens with the Corona virus thingy. Remember too, not to remain frightened of it, but to take it for what it is, and remain positive, and happy, healthy, in other words stay whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy all of you.

Bye for now,

P.S: You can all now move to my new blog at, which is a hosted blog like Davene said we need to be in the competition for next year.

Week 22a: MKMMA: The world is perfect, just incomplete

Hi all,

Is the headline triggering something in you this week? I think many people will not be able to agree with it. I understand that it is not common to see it this way, but I have looked into it, and I agree. The world is perfect. It is just a bit incomplete.

Why is the world perfect? It is because that means we are positive to what goes on in the world. If we do not think of the world as perfect, we will be focusing on something negative, and that will mean that our mind lose connection with the Universal Mind, and that again, leads to the fact that we are not able to be using the forces that the brain have.

We must see the world as perfect to be able to remain positive, or that is what our guide in MKMMA say. Is that easy? No, I do not think so, but the lesson last Sunday helped, because the problems we often blame on others, can be pointed at ourselves and all the other people in this world. You might say: ¨How¨?

I have an answer, it is because if you do see things as not perfect, you have a negative view of the world, and there is not problems with the world, there is a problem in each of us. Most people are not self-directed thinkers. That is why the world is incomplete. There is far too many of us not being the best we can be. The complete perfect world would only be reached by everyone being the best we can be, that is, not doing the best we can, but being the best we possibly can be.

How would we achieve that? We would need for all to find out what it meant to be the best they could be, we would have to give all an opportunity to also achieve it, well, in fact, all the excuses of not getting there, is self-inflicted. We blame all sort of things. Let see, have you ever blamed something for not doing better? I think most of us have blamed something or someone else at some time or another.

That is bad, blame, is the reason we do not take responsibility for our self, and our own life. It is not good to blame others when you are to blame. Blame other, being angry with someone, or telling yourself that you cannot be something because something happen, it is so common in our society that it is definitely the sickness number one. I doubt you will find any other sickness growing in our society. Whether you live here or there.

So, what can we do? We can start by becoming a self-directed thinker, start aligning ourselves with the Universal Mind, and take responsibility to become the best we can. We need to align ourselves with the Universal Mind to find what we really are going to do if we are to be the best we can be.

Therefore MKMMA recommends a 24 to 48 hour sit, which should be taking place in close vicinity to nature, forest, water or mountains. This will give us a powerful, quiet time, and will create a deeper alignment with the Universal Mind.

I look forward to be able to do this. You will all be able to come back here and read about what happened when I did it.

Until then, let us trust that the challenge is as it has been stated. I think so, for I have heard so many crazy statements that has proven true, that I believe the man that told me that this is so.

Have a great week, until next time